A BLOG For My Husband On Father’s Day (THAT’S How Cheap I Am)

My oldest daughter Emma has been a Daddy’s Girl from the start. She even brags about it and doesn’t understand why it annoys me. Her little sister Lucy however, is a Mama’s Girl through and through. Lucy was a restless baby and could only sleep if she was lying on my chest in the beginning. I think that’s why she imprinted on me so strongly, but it was little consolation for her Dad. She was never flat out MEAN to Dave, but she was more than a little apathetic about him. She also rarely responded when he said, “I love you, Lucy.”

He kept trying though.

He took Lucy on “Adventure Princess” camping trips and practiced soccer with her. He read books to Lucy nightly and occasionally switched them out for Super Mario Brothers on her DS. He never gave up or got angry with Lucy for putting him on the back shelf. He just kept trying.

Recently, the four of us were sitting on the sofa watching Star Wars. Lucy was snuggled up next to Dave, but I heard her clearly when she said to him,

“Don’t ever think that I don’t love you, because I do.”

Dave gave her a squeeze and they went back to the movie as if nothing had happened, but I know how important that moment was. I also know that there’s nothing in the world I could give Dave for Father’s Day that would be any more precious.

So Happy Father’s Day, Dave. You already got your gift, though it was one of your own making. Happy Father’s Day also to all of the Dads out there who saw the challenge in front of them and met it head on. THANK YOU for never giving up.

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