A Haunted Night on The Queen Mary (A Secondhand Ghost Story)

Twice in my life, I’ve been woken by things I can’t explain.

The first time was about 4 years ago, when I was roused by something tickling my foot. I pulled my leg back under the covers and sat straight up in bed, but there was nothing there. The second time, I woke up crying out in pain because something was pinching my calf. Again, there was nothing unusual in my room and no signs of trauma on my leg, though it hurt like hell.

I was fully asleep in both instances though, and can’t be sure they didn’t stem from dreams. I’m also prone to vivid nightmares, which could have played a part in the realness of it all. In other words, even I, the person who experienced these things, can’t vouch for their validity. They ARE the reasons, however, that a friend’s recent story piqued my interest.

Mark Walters is a fellow Film Critic and an all-round good-guy (You can-and should-find his website at He’s one of my favorite movie-buddies and we compare notes about films on a regular basis. Mark is also about as no-nonsense as you can get. He doesn’t over-exaggerate and isn’t prone to hysterics (like SOME people…me), so I was shocked to hear his recent story of paranormal activity.

Mark attended the Long Beach Comic Con last weekend and decided the spend the night on the Queen Mary, since the historic boat is now used as a hotel. (YES, it does sound cool and you can get more details about staying on the Queen Mary by clicking HERE. You should probably read the rest of the story first.) He was exhausted by the time he got back to the boat, but had to change rooms multiple times due to air-conditioning and other issues. Mark finally crawled in bed after his third change of rooms, and that’s when things got nutty. Here is the rest of Mark’s story, which I copied from his Facebook page (with his permission).

“I think I had been laying there for about an hour when the first thing happened. I’m laying on my left side facing the wall, my eyes are closed but I’m very much awake, and getting angry that I’m not sleeping yet. And then I feel it. The mattress right behind me, like right behind my back, begins to depress – like someone was sitting down on the bed right behind me, the side of the bed went down and the pressure pushed me up a bit. It was unmistakable. I didn’t move, and didn’t open my eyes, but inside I’m freaking out. A minute or so later the bed lets up, and it happens a little further down, and I’m definitely feeling it. Now at this point I’m thinking “Do I react? Do I freak out? Do I scream?” And again, this is not me imagining this, I’m not half-asleep, I’m very much awake and this is happening. Then it gets weirder. In my head I thought I’ll just act like I’m sleeping and roll over on my back – like somehow pretending to be asleep will make whatever this is give up on its agenda. So I’m laying there on my back, still too nervous to open my eyes, and suddenly I perceive what feels like hands under my legs, like someone running their hands under my calves. Then I feel my left foot being PULLED, pretty strongly too. This i react to, because it shocked me. I jerk my leg up and roll over to my right. Now I’m really starting to lose it. I throw the single sheet up I was using and sit up in the bed. I look around and sit there for a minute. I see nothing. I hear nothing. Now I’m wondering is sleep is even going to be possible.
I lay back down and in a futile attempt hope the tiredness will kick in and knock me out. Again, these things happen to me, usually like an hour or so in between each occurence. The feeling of someone sitting on the side of the bed, my legs and feet getting pulled. At least once I felt like the presence was under back moving down toward my feet. And I noticed something else… each time these things happen (I estimate four times or so) I realize I’m suddenly freezing, like shivering and pulling the sheets tight – in those moments, I was COLD. Why this is important is because when it wasn’t happening, the room was still hot, like I’m laying there sweating, that hot. As the night goes on I’m equal parts freaked out and angry that I can’t fall asleep. At one point I sat back up and looked at my phone… it was 6am. I had been laying there for something like five hours unable to sleep. Considering I had changed rooms twice already, I didn’t think it would go over well to go back to the front desk at this point. Finally, about 8am or so, as the sun was coming up, I fell asleep My alarm went off at 9:20am, which is when I originally wanted to get up. I set it later for 10am and finally woke up feeling awful. I jumped online to check a few emails, and just for grins looked up “Queen Mary” and “haunted room” to see what I’d find. The results were, shall we say, interesting.
Turns out B deck (which I was on) is supposedly haunted (as in the whole deck), and there’s SEVERAL stories of folks who had encounters when staying on that deck, even hallway encounters. But here’s the kicker. The most haunted room on the ship, which you aren’t allowed to stay in, and can only be seen if you take a guided tour with a group, is B340. And the room I stayed in? B341.”

I talked to Mark yesterday and he’s still mad at himself for not moving rooms. He says he just didn’t know how to react, and gets more than a little freaked out if he thinks about it too much. Mark also remembered another fact, which he forgot to include in his original account. That section of B Deck was almost completely dark, including the stairwell that led to it. He asked the desk clerk about it the next morning and she informed him that the hall lights are never turned off, especially in the stairwells. There’s no reason that Mark’s part of the boat would’ve been dark that night.

Just for kicks, I GOOGLED Ghost Pictures from the Queen Mary after reading his story and holy crap, there are SO MANY. I’d like to post of few of them here but I’m pretty sure I’d be breaking multiple copyright laws in the process. Instead, I’ll just post the link HERE. You can look at them in your own time, but make sure it’s during the day when the rooms and hallways are well lit. And later on tonight, when you wake up to a surprisingly cold room, remember to pull your feet under the sheets.

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