BLOG: Someone Burned Down My Yoga Studio & I’m Really Not Surprised

This woman is smiling because she set a yoga studio on fire. She is in jail for it now and says that her only regret is that it didn’t burn to the ground. I have stared at this photo many times and tried to place her face because I went to that same studio on a regular basis. I was mad at them too because all of my favorite instructors left recently and I’ve been searching for a new yoga home ever since. I wasn’t mad enough to burn it down or shoot bullets through the windows though, which is another thing this woman has allegedly done. Continue reading →


BLOG: The Forgotten Art of Prank Calls

The best talks I have with my daughters usually happen when we’re driving to school. They’re riled-up for a new day and I’m groggy from coffee-depletion so I tend to reveal things to them that I shouldn’t.

It happened this morning when Emma told me about her friend who has been prank-calling people and claiming to be “Mr. Dinkleberry.” She giggled furiously at the name but I rolled my eyes.

“Emma, if you want to know about prank calls, I’ll TELL you about prank calls,” I said.

See, I saw myself as Prank-Call-MASTER when I was young and would spend entire weekends working the phones with my accomplice, Tamela. Continue reading →

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MOVIE REVIEW (PODCAST): Get Drunk & Watch “Get Hard”

We were REALLY excited about taping this podcast because we hadn’t seen each other in weeks. Maybe that’s why everything went south so fast. Maybe that’s why we drank more and cussed more and went places that we NEVER should have gone. Whatever the reason, it resulted in our FILTHIEST Wine ‘N Film Critics to date. Continue reading →


Nicholas Sparks Is Screening “The Longest Ride” In Dallas & YOU Could Be There!

Remember when you finished reading “The Notebook” and you were crying so hard you thought you might vomit? Then you saw the movie and the ending was even sadder than it was in the book?

You probably thought to yourself, “If I EVER meet Nicholas Sparks, I’m gonna tell him how pissed I am about that ending!”

Well, now’s your chance!

Nicholas Sparks is coming to town next week for a screening of “The Longest Ride!” Continue reading →


Recipes: We Call it “Cocksauce”

My husband and I discovered Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce several years ago at a Thai Food restaurant. We had no idea what it was and the rooster displayed proudly on the front seemed more like a warning than an enticement. He must have been the first one of us to try it (that stuff SCARED me!) but it wasn’t long before we had an ever present bottle in our fridge and were eating it on everything from eggs to fish. We struggled with the name for ages and finally settled on calling it “Cocksauce,” at least when our kids aren’t around. Continue reading →


PARTY AT MADEWELL TONIGHT Featuring a Woven Laine Pop-Up Shop (& cocktails!)

If you waited in the REALLY long line to get into the Dallas Flea recently, you probably noticed that woven wall-art is having a moment right now. That’s thanks in part to local artist Laken Vanderwall and her Woven Laine pieces. They are unique, loom-made designs inspired by everything Laken sees around her and they have a cool Native-American vibe to them. Even better, they’re far more affordable than a typical piece of one-of-a-kind art. Continue reading →


MOVIE REVIEW (Podcast): “Insurgent” Review & Some Miles Teller Crushing

Rebekah Black & I saw “Insurgent” last night, then drank some wine on the patio at The Alamo Drafthouse & discussed it. Please excuse the excessive bitchieness and when Rebekah tries to give away the ending. TWICE!


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Rihanna & Jim Parsons are coming to Plano TODAY!

Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Rihanna (Please,You Know Who She Is) are coming to town and will be walking the red carpet at the Cinemark West Plano TODAY at 5pm! They’re starring together in the new movie Home (opening March 27th) and are in Texas for the Premiere. Special thanks to Cheryl Jackson and Minnie’s Food Pantry for making THAT happen! 

Organizers are usually hush-hush about local premieres when celebrities are attending but not this time! They hope to have big crowds cheering for Jim & Rihanna so feel free to come on out! Continue reading →