BOOZY MOVIES Reviews “The Longest Ride”

I changed the name of the Podcast this week. I did this for several reasons. First of all, Richie Whitt & Sybil Summers gave me nonstop hell about it, claiming that it didn’t make sense. I insisted they were wrong but several people also came forward to say the name was confusing. Don’t you hate it when you’re WRONG? So Wine ‘N Film Critics is now Boozy Movies. Happy?

This week was different because we went to a special screening of The Longest Ride WITH the author Nicholas Sparks and the stars, Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood. Also, I was the only one drinking. Fortunately, I’m not above drinking alone.



My “Rent the Runway” Review

“Ooo girl, you need to try Rent the Runway,” my girlfriend Ivonne said before going back to work on my mouth.

Ivonne is my dental hygenist. She’s become a friend over the years though, which is weird because 90% of our time together is spent with her hands in my mouth.

I was telling her that I needed to buy a dress for a party, but Ivonne had a better idea. She showed me the Rent the Runway app on her iPhone, where you can rent designer dresses for a fraction of their retail cost. You pick out a dress, they ship it and a backup dress to you and you return it in 4 days. Easy-Peasy right? Continue reading →


BLOG: Tales From the Hamster Crypt

I’ve written volumes about hamsters lately.

It started when we bought one for my daughter two years ago, which brought back traumatic memories from my OWN childhood hamster. I wrote more when we discovered a growth in Snowball’s ear and were told that she had a common form of Hamster Cancer. The rodent blogs continued as the growth got larger but never stifled Snowball’s little hamster spirit. One friend even joked that she might be a Zombie Hamster.

The winds have shifted for poor Snowball though and she appears to be on the decline. Continue reading →


MOVIE REVIEW: “I’ll See You In My Dreams” & Blythe Danner at the DIFF!

Emmy and Tony winning actress Blythe Danner is coming to town!

She will be at the Dallas International Film Festival’s Opening Night on April 9th, where she will accept The Dallas Star Award. Blythe is known to many as Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother, which is too bad because she was a great actress before she ever became a mom. Danner starred in Pat Conroy’s The Great Santini and The Prince of Tides long before she made any of those Focker movies, and who can forget her run as Will’s mom on Will & Grace?

Blythe will also attend a screening of her latest film I’ll See You In My Dreams on DIFF’S Opening Night. Continue reading →


BLOG: Someone Burned Down My Yoga Studio & I’m Really Not Surprised

This woman is smiling because she set a yoga studio on fire. She is in jail for it now and says that her only regret is that it didn’t burn to the ground. I have stared at this photo many times and tried to place her face because I went to that same studio on a regular basis. I was mad at them too because all of my favorite instructors left recently and I’ve been searching for a new yoga home ever since. I wasn’t mad enough to burn it down or shoot bullets through the windows though, which is another thing this woman has allegedly done. Continue reading →


BLOG: The Forgotten Art of Prank Calls

The best talks I have with my daughters usually happen when we’re driving to school. They’re riled-up for a new day and I’m groggy from coffee-depletion so I tend to reveal things to them that I shouldn’t.

It happened this morning when Emma told me about her friend who has been prank-calling people and claiming to be “Mr. Dinkleberry.” She giggled furiously at the name but I rolled my eyes.

“Emma, if you want to know about prank calls, I’ll TELL you about prank calls,” I said.

See, I saw myself as Prank-Call-MASTER when I was young and would spend entire weekends working the phones with my accomplice, Tamela. Continue reading →

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MOVIE REVIEW (PODCAST): Get Drunk & Watch “Get Hard”

We were REALLY excited about taping this podcast because we hadn’t seen each other in weeks. Maybe that’s why everything went south so fast. Maybe that’s why we drank more and cussed more and went places that we NEVER should have gone. Whatever the reason, it resulted in our FILTHIEST Wine ‘N Film Critics to date. Continue reading →


Nicholas Sparks Is Screening “The Longest Ride” In Dallas & YOU Could Be There!

Remember when you finished reading “The Notebook” and you were crying so hard you thought you might vomit? Then you saw the movie and the ending was even sadder than it was in the book?

You probably thought to yourself, “If I EVER meet Nicholas Sparks, I’m gonna tell him how pissed I am about that ending!”

Well, now’s your chance!

Nicholas Sparks is coming to town next week for a screening of “The Longest Ride!” Continue reading →