BEAUTY LIVE this Weekend at the Galleria Dallas

One of my favorite memories of Steve Kemble is when I walked in the Dallas Pride Parade with him last year. Steve was wearing a bright pink wig and a long white coat that would be perfect on a Mardia Gras Grand Marshall. He looked STUNNING and people stopped him on the street just to take pictures with him. Steve Kemble ALWAYS looks incredible, which is why I dressed as him for Halloween this year. You can imagine how ticked off I was when he showed up dressed as Elsa and was STILL prettier than me.


That’s why I’m not surprised at all that Steve Kemble will be speaking on the Expert Beauty Panel this Saturday at the Galleria’s Beauty Live event in Dallas. This whole weekend, the folks at the Galleria will be sharing Tips, Techniques and Trends from the all over the world of BEAUTY. (Maybe I’ll finally learn how to properly disguise these massive bags under my eyes.) According to the website, there will be how-to stations set up all over the mall and in-store events featuring music, samples and surprises. I read that as FREE STUFF.

There will also be the On-Stage Expert Panels and you WILL need tickets for those. The first one is at 11am Saturday with Steve Kemble and several other awesome people, including the Galleria’s Beauty and Fashion Stylist Holly Quartaro. (She is my friend. I am a name-dropper.) LeeAnne Locken will ALSO be on the Expert Beauty Panel this Saturday and the rumor-mill says that SHE will be one of the stars of Bravo‘s new reality show “Ladies of Dallas.” She might even have a camera crew in tow and THAT, I need to see!

You will need tickets to sit in the audience at the panels and those are $20 a pop. You get a $20 gift card and a goodie bag with your ticket though, so you make it back. If you’d like tickets to the Galleria’s Beauty Live event this weekend, just click on the link below. See you there, and if you see anything that will help my saggy eyes (other than Preparation H), snag it for me! “Beauty Live” Tickets Here!

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