BLOG: According to Lucy, Sick Days RULE When You’re A Kid

I had my whole “Sick Day Schedule” planned out when I was a kid.

I would eat some cereal, grab a blanket, then watch hours on end of TV. Sometimes I would put my hamster on my chest and pet him until he fell asleep. Taking naps with my hamster was THE BEST!

This schedule only worked when I wasn’t REALLY sick though. Mom stayed home on those days so someone could hold back my hair while I threw up Peach Nehi and Lemon Chiffon Ice-Cream. That’s a true story and I can honestly say it tasted the same coming up as it did going down.

Mom went to work though if I merely felt bad or was running a low fever. Then I was on my own. I truly LOVED those days. It all got blown out the window when I went back to school and had to double-up on homework. The Sick Day itself though, was pure HEAVEN.

My daughter Lucy is home sick today. She has strep but feels OK if she just lays on the sofa, which is exactly what she is doing. Lucy has had her share of REALLY sick days, though. Just a few months ago, she vomitted into a trashcan in the backseat of my car. I needed to pick her sister up from school and had no choice but to drag Lucy along. Emma sat next to her as she barfed repeatedly, and was so freaked out that she started to cry. Not today, though. Today is nothing but chicken soup, “The Amazing World of Gumball” and non-stop Terraria.

Lucy saw that I was working on my website and asked if she could write a blog of her own. THIS is hers:

“Hi, it is Julie’s 7 year old kid and today’s blog is about school.
School is ok and all, but the piles of homework when you are sick, I hate. I wish school had no homework. Also the lunches sometimes they have ham and cheese 3 times in a row. I don’t like that at all. And the mile I don’t like that at all! We have to do the mile in 20:00 minuets!!!!!!!!! In all I LOVE HOME MORE THAN SCHOOL. I’m at home and sick it is a great thing, but not the piles of homework 🙁 When I’m sick I sit on the couch and play on my iPad 😉 I also watch tv. Those 2 things when I’m sick I love WAY more than homework.”

I guess things haven’t changed much and since I’m a Stay-At-Home-Mom now, today is a Sick-Day for me too. Time for some chicken-soup and sofa-snuggles but kid…you’d better NOT get me sick!

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