BLOG: Are YOU My Mentor?

People think I’m kidding when I say it but I learned things while chaperoning Catholic School Camp last week. In fact, there’s one lesson in particular that I can’t stop thinking about.

We were praying of course (because it’s Catholic School Camp and that’s what you DO) and the Camp Couselors told us to pray for our Mentors.

“I don’t have any MENTORS,” I thought. “I’ve been doing all this stuff by MYSELF.”

Not always very well, I should add. I think it’s clear to everyone that I’ve been blindly fumbling around since losing my job, just trying to figure out what to do next. Then I realized how WRONG I was. People HAVE been mentoring me all along. I just didn’t realize it.

Christine Visneau of Veecaravan mentored me by helping me build a website and then Mark Walters from Bigfanboy.com told me what to do with it. Anne Vydra taught me how to start a podcast and then Tony Zazza told me everything else. Tony is great because if you ask him one question, he’ll answer it along with five other questions you didn’t realize you had. Any time I needed help, someone was there with advice and if they didn’t know what to do, they put me in touch with someone who did (Rebekah Black, Cole Henson, Chase Whale & Matt Mungle). Then everyone else helped me by being supportive. I haven’t done a very good job of thanking anyone either so hopefully this is a start.

We weren’t done praying though, because it’s Catholic School Camp and you never REALLY are.

Next, they told us to pray for the people who see US as Mentors. That was easy for me because I mentor all the time. I just call it Bossing People Around instead. I’m proud to say that the world is filled with people who have gotten career advice from me. There’s even one local DJ who calls me his “Radio Mom.” While I find this mildly offensive (Radio Big Sister, maybe? No?) I also kind of dig it. Everyone LOVES to give career advice but I never realized how important it was until I really NEEDED it.

So THANK YOU to everyone out there who has helped me. In fact, you’re helping me right now just by reading this. See how easy that was? Now let me return the favor by bossing you around for a while.

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