BLOG: I’ve Developed a SERIOUS Oscar Isaac Problem

I’m too old to be a fangirl.

I am a happily-married mother of 2 who gave up celebrity crushes sometime in middle school. Sure, I have my favorites (ANY scene that includes both Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston is good) and I was supremely goofy when I met Michael Fassbender a few years ago. He came to a cocktail party for film critics and chatted with us like we hadn’t all just seen him naked in Shame. My hands were shaking so badly, I had to set down my wine glass.

All of that aside, I haven’t had a full-blown Celebrity Crush for YEARS…until now over Oscar Isaac.

It crept up on me, too. I’ve been watching this man in movies for years but it wasn’t until Inside Llewyn Davis that I thought, “Wow, that guy is beautiful.” Then, I saw him opposite Jessica Chastain in A Most Violent Year and crushed even harder on his ambitious-man-trying-to-make-good-choices (he seems to play that role often). My problem hit critical levels after Ex Machina, where he portrayed a meglomaniacal billionaire who dabbles in artificial intelligence (especially when he disco danced with a robot). Now I get to watch Isaac weekly in HBO’S Show Me A Hero. You’d think that the unflattering facial hair and ’80’s suits would throw some water on the fire but NOPE. I’ve already had one inappropriate Oscar Isaac dream since the series started, polyester suit included.

I realized how bad things had gotten today, when I spent the morning Googling him. Yes, I now know that Oscar Isaac Hernandez was born in Guatemala in 1980. He played lead guitar in a band for a while, studied at Julliard and is only 5’8. I read about the character he’ll play in Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens and found out that he’s joining X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016. The fact that he’ll share a screen with Michael Fassbender is almost too much, but at least he’ll look like THIS when he does:
Then again, I’m not sure that will even matter.

Of course, during all of my Oscar Isaac research, I never found the stuff I was REALLY looking for. Is he married? Or dating a supermodel? Does he even LIKE girls? Is it weird that I might like him more if he DOESN’T? Then we could hang out and brush each other’s hair while we discussed all the prettiest boys in Hollywood.

Now I feel guilty though, for prying into this man’s life and looking for information that’s truly none of my business. And yes, I’ll admit that my brief time as an internet stalker has left me feeling pretty damn creepy. So, instead of reading this as a sad declaration of movie-star-love from a middle aged Mom, try reading it as a public service announcement. Oscar Isaac is a man to watch who has YET to make a bad career choice. Watch everything he does because it’s usually great and odds are he’ll look fantastic in a designer suit at the Emmy’s and Golden Globes next year. Yes, this is just ME giving you a HEADS UP about a great new talent, but if you come across any REALLY juicy details about Oscar Isaac then honey…you’ve simply got to share them.


  1. Julie, more LOL’s from me. So funny and relatable. He is certainly easy to look at.

    Check out the elpo FB page when you can and see the new video Jeanne, Sandy and I
    captured of Butch and Temperance yesterday. So good to see them with each other.

  2. I have since replaced my super, obsessive crush on Viggo Mortensen, who I have seen in person once, met once, got an autograph from, spoke to and them died (see blog above) however, since Viggo did not take a picture with me leaving me bereft and devastated and have now moved onto Oscar Isaac. I AM IN LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want him. Really bad. And I’m older than you … like old enough to be his mother. THAT is disgusting. But, there is still a 27 year old in my head and she is hot and if she were here in 2015 she would be a major stalking whore. (insert smiley face here).

    1. OMIGOD, Viggo Mortensen! He’s so beautiful! I heard that he lived in the woods for a while before filming the “Lord of the Rings” movies so he would look the part. I can’t believe he wouldn’t take a picture with you!!! Yes, I would have to break up with him too. DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT YOUR OSCAR ISAAC CRUSH! It is not disgusting and that 27-year-old in your head would be really bummed if you stopped feeding her! Crush away darling, CRUSH AWAY!

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