Bradley Cooper IN PERSON!!! (and my “American Sniper” review)


There it is ladies and gentlemen! The only halfway decent photo I got of Bradley Cooper at the “American Sniper” Red Carpet Premiere in Plano. He came whizzing by like a well-coiffed dust-devil and I barely got a glimpse of him, much less the Bradley-Cooper-Selfie I so desperately desired. I fared far better than most of the media people though. They had been PROMISED a few moments with Bradley Cooper, only to watch him glide right by. I’m not gonna lie. That sucks.

“American Sniper” isn’t ABOUT movie-stars like Bradley Cooper though. Sure he plays Chris Kyle and was a driving force behind the movie, but he’s not the reason this film should been seen or appreciated. “American Sniper” is really for the men and women like Chris Kyle who serve this country and so often give their lives for it. ¬†They are the ones who should be walking that red carpet.

Then again, it’s easy for me to be sanctimonious because I GOT MY PICTURE! Let’s go take another look at Bradley Cooper’s pretty blue eyes. And when you’re done with that, read my “American Sniper” review from December. I reposted it below.



Opening wide this weekend is a movie with Texas ties, “American Sniper.”

This is the film version of Chris Kyle’s popular book and people were torn when they heard Bradley Cooper would play the starring role. The transformation Cooper made for the part though is staggering. He is bearded, beefy and completely believable as the most lethal sniper in U.S. history. Clint Eastwood directs “American Sniper” and he does an excellent job with the battle sequences. The scenes between Kyle and his wife at home feel less authentic though. In fact, there is a fake baby used in several scenes that’s so bad it’s laughable. Fans of the book might find it frustrating when small sections are highlighted and entire chapters are omitted completely. I’m still giving “American Sniper” a B because I feel it tells the story that was important to Chris Kyle. It shows a man who was scarred but who also found a purpose in helping other wounded warriors. I think Chris Kyle would’ve liked this movie, even with that stupid fake baby.

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