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Mommy Movie Review: Can Your Kids See “Aquaman”

Director James Wan was not going to let Aquaman be another gazillion-dollar disappointment for DC, so he threw everything he could at this movie.
It has mermaids, not-quite-as-pretty mermen, talking fish-people and a sea-princess who looks almost too much like Ariel. There are also dinosaurs, battle-sharks, a drum-playing octopus, the Kaiju monster from Pacific Rim (for some reason) and I haven’t even gotten to the main characters, yet. You’re left with a mish-mash of every super-hero movie you’ve seen in the past five-years (except this one is underwater), with a little Raiders of the Lost Ark and Flash Gordon thrown in for good measure. It makes for a fun, but cluttered movie that sometimes leaves you wanting just a little more of Aquaman‘s biggest asset: Jason Momoa.
His special quality of winking, let’s-get-a-beer charm is on constant display here, but it gets diluted in the process of turning Momoa into a HERO. He’s the reason I’m giving Aquaman a B-, but you’re probably just wondering what your kids will get from it.
Aquaman is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for “sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for some language,” but the profanity I recall is sparse and mild. There are no sexual references or imagery, so your main concern will probably be the violence. Most of it comes in the form of bloodless, computer-animated underwater battles. These feel too detached to cause any trauma for kids, but the attack of a submarine at the start of Aquaman is a little different. This one is live-action, and features someone being run through with a sword. It also includes a dramatic death-scene that could be difficult for youngsters. That’s why I’m recommending Aquaman for kids who are 11 and up. In fact, this is one of the tamer superhero films in recent memory, lacking any f-bombs or sex-talk. And thanks to Jason Momoa, most moms probably won’t mind taking their kids to see it!
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