Pacific Rim: Uprising
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MOMMY MOVIE REVIEW: “Pacific Rim: Uprising” The FAMILY Movie You Didn’t See Coming

There are a few things you should know about Pacific Rim: Uprising from the start.
It’s the follow-up to to 2013’s Pacific Rim, but without the benefit of Guillermo del Toro in the Director’s Chair. This means that it lacks the depth of story and emotional heft that made Pacific Rim a surprising hit. It also means that Uprising has the freedom to be the goofball monsters-versus-robots tale it always wanted to be and that it’s a full 20-minutes shorter than the original. These two important changes might not make Pacific Rim: Uprising a better movie, but it does make it one that KIDS will enjoy.
Pacific Rim: Uprising stars John Boyega (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Detroit) as a Jaeger pilot who left the program in shame. He’s brought back into the fold to train new cadets after catching a rogue Jaeger engineer, played by young Cailee Spaeny. A new threat emerges (of course) and they are all forced to battle evil and save the world. Yes, you could essentially write the screenplay in your sleep but John Boyega is so likeable, you forgive him for the vapid script. Scott Eastwood plays his co-pilot and he’s so nice to look at (even a bit reminiscent of his Dad) that you even forgive his wooden acting. There are some nice plot twists that will keep the grown-ups engaged, and the new Jaeger cadets are played by a cast of young actors (including Karan Brar, whom your kids are BOUND to recognize) that kids will definitely relate to.
Pacific Rim: Uprising is rated PG-13 for sci-fi violence and some language, but I don’t remember hearing a single swear word. In fact, the only questionable moment I recall was the execution of a pretty great middle-finger (watch for it!). The violence in Uprising comes primarily in the form of robot-battle, which is bloodless, loud and really fun to watch. Pacific Rim: Uprising doesn’t mind poking fun at itself either, and is comedic in a way it’s predecessor wasn’t. I found myself clapping and cheering at the screen, and I wasn’t alone. The packed theater erupted in applause when it ended and everyone was excitedly talking about the movie as they left.
Look, I’m not saying that Pacific Rim: Uprising is a GREAT movie that should win awards next year (well, maybe technical awards). It is big and loud and DUMB on an epic scale. It’s also a cathartic-cheesy-blast to watch giant robots and monsters destroy whole cities while beating each other down. I’m a full-grown woman but I still sat in wide-eyed-gaping-mouth joy while watching Pacific Rim: Uprising and I can’t wait to take my girls. (B)
Pacific Rim: Uprising opens nationwide March 23rd and you can buy tickets HERE.

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