Billy Bob Thornton & Tony Cox


It’s Oscar Season, so I’ve spent most of my movie-time lately bawling through one picture after another. I don’t mind because they are all deeply moving and insightful films that will benefit the human race…but they don’t have to be. No, some movies are just there to be disgusting, shocking and unbelievably funny, like Bad Santa 2. It’s interesting because, out of ALL the exciting new films that are coming out, THIS is the one everyone has been asking me about. That’s why I’m especially glad to have to passes to see Bad Santa 2 EARLY and FOR FREE. Continue reading →

Hailee Steinfeld

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “The Edge of Seventeen” EARLY & FOR FREE

Remember when you were seventeen and everything kind of sucked? Your parents would go on and on about how you were living the “best years of your life,” and you just wanted them to end as soon as possible? Or was that just me? Maybe that’s why I watch the trailer for The Edge of Seventeen and feel like I have lived in this girl’s acned, uncomfortable skin.
Hailee Steinfeld plays Nadine, whose life falls apart when her best-friend starts dating her older brother. She’s left alone and adrift, without her best-friend to help her navigate the increasingly awkward waters of young adulthood. Nadine’s sounding-board is her teacher, Mr. Bruner. He’s played by Woody Harrelson, so you know poor Nadine is screwed. Actually, anyone who has seen this movie says their scenes together are fantastic.
So, want to see The Edge of Seventeen EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

Miles Teller in "Bleed for This"


Nothing beats a truly awesome sports movie, does it? You always know how those things are going to end, but you get caught up in them anyway. Bleed for This tells the true story of Vinny “The Pazmanian Devil” Pazienza, who won two world title fights, then severed his spine in a car wreck. Vinny (Miles Teller) is told he might never walk again but he fights to return to the ring with the help of his trainer, played by Aaron Eckhart. Will Vinny make his grand comeback or will he die trying? You probably know the answer, but it’ll be fun finding out anyway. Even better, YOU get to see Bleed for This EARLY and FOR FREE because you know ME! Click HERE to grab your passes then watch the trailer below. Holy crap! Was that Miles Teller in a banana hammock?

Disney's "Moana"


Is it OK to talk about something other than politics, yet? I know everyone is still wound up about the election but I have something I think you’ll be interested in. They’re free passes to see Moana. Continue reading →

Amy Adams in "Nocturnal Animals"


I’m sorry but Nocturnal Animals looks freaking incredible. It’s the latest from Director/Fashion Designer/Texas Native Tom Ford, and is based on the popular Austin Wright book Tony and Susan. Nocturnal Animals stars Amy Adams, as a woman whose ex-husband (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) writes a violent thriller that seems to be about her. She reads the manuscript when she finds out he’s coming to visit, which is when Nocturnal Animals becomes a movie within a movie. So, how’d you like to see it EARLY and FOR FREE? Continue reading →

Disney Junior

FREE MOVIE PASSES- Take Your Family to “Mickey & the Roadster Racer”

Is it hard to take your kids to the movies because they always want to jump out of their seats and sing along with characters onscreen? You’d love to take them to one of those interactive-flicks, but you can’t find one that’s suitable for littles? Well, Fathom Events has partnered with Disney Junior for their new series Mickey and the Roadster Racer. It’s a fully interactive event this Saturday, where kids get to dance and sing in the theatre with their favorite Disney Junior pals, like Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. You can find more information by clicking HERE, or just grab a Free 4-pack from ME! I’ll give them to the first TWO people who write their names and email addresses in the COMMENTS below. Have fun and don’t worry. No one will judge if YOU start singing and dancing, too!

Eddie Redmayne in FANTASTIC BEASTS

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” EARLY & FOR FREE!

My daughter has been asking for months, “Mom, when is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opening??? You’re taking us to that one, right?” It’s a ridiculous question because she knows I’m as excited to see it as she is. I also know that my daughters would stage a small but very shrill riot if I saw it with anyone but them.
I hope you’re pumped to see it too because I have free passes!!!

If YOU would like to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, click HERE to claim your passes, then go check your pantry. See, The North Texas Food Bank is sponsoring this screening and they want to provide a Fantastic Feast to a hungry family. That’s why they’re asking you to bring 3 canned goods to donate at the screening. They’ll give you a Fantastic Beasts goodie to say THANKS! So, grab your passes and then take a minute to watch the trailer with me. Is it weird that it gives me chills?

Amy Adams in "Arrival"


Arrival is already a front-runner for Best Picture and Best Director in this year’s Oscar race. Amy Adams is on the short-list of potential Best Leading Actress nominees as well, thanks to her role in Arrival. It’s also currently getting 100% on the website Rotten Tomatoes, which means they can’t find a film critic who has a bad thing to say about it anywhere. That’s quite a feat. So, do you want to see Arrival early and for free? Continue reading →

Richard & Mildred Loving


I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this movie. I’ve been fascinated by the Loving story since I first saw the pictures taken by Grey Villet for LIFE magazine (that’s one of them above). It’s also directed by Jeff Nichols, who is responsible for one of my favorite movies of all time (Take ShelterJust see it). Plus, every second I’ve seen of Loving so far is so heartbreakingly beautiful, I’ll probably just sob through the whole thing. Wanna join me? I have 50 pairs of passes to see Loving early and for free! Continue reading →