FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Pete’s Dragon” ON ME!

Have you run out of things to do with your kids? There are still a handful of Summer Break weeks left and we’re almost out of KID’S MOVIES to see with them. If you’re like my family, you’ve seen them ALL. Even the ones that were so bad, you left your kids alone in the theater to play Pokemon Go in the lobby.

Fortunately for us, Disney is releasing Pete’s Dragon on August 12th. It stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Robert Redford, and is about an orphaned boy and his best friend, who just happens to be a dragon. This one appeals to me because I love a-boy-and-his-monster tales like Iron Giant and How to Train Your Dragon. I’m also a big fan of Karl Urban (for reasons that need no explanation) and he plays “Gavin” in this movie, whatever that means.

If you’d like to take your kids to see Pete’s Dragon, just click HERE to get your passes, then watch the trailer below. Ooooh, the dragon is FUZZY! And Karl Urban is BAD!


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Suicide Squad” ON ME!

We’re all still shaking our heads over the Batman v Superman disappointment we were hit with back in March. Despite that, I can’t help but get a little excited about Suicide Squad. I’m like that duck at the pond who keeps coming back to you, even when you’re just throwing rocks at it.

It’s hard to NOT get jazzed about Suicide Squad when you see Margot Robbie strutting around as Harley Quinn or you hear the stories about Jared Leto scaring co-stars as the Joker. He supposedly NEVER got out of character and even sent creepy things to them in the mail, like dead animals and used condoms. Scott Eastwood said, at one point, he wanted to call the cops on Leto. Plus, I want to see Ben Affleck play Batman again. He wasn’t my favorite part of Batman v Superman (that goes to Gal Gadot) but he came a close second.

We won’t care that it sucks if we see it for FREE, right? That’s why I’m giving away free passes! If you’d like to see Suicide Squad early and for free, just click HERE, then watch the trailer again. Omigod, QUEEN!!!



The premise of this movie freaks me out. Emma Roberts plays a buttoned-up high-schooler who joins an online truth-or-dare game called Nerve. It starts as simple fun but one dare turns into another and before long, the game has affected her whole life. It’s just a movie but…can’t you see this happening? And wouldn’t you be tempted to play? Well, you should probably see Nerve before you start tracking down Dave Franco and guess who has free passes? Just click HERE to get those, then watch the trailer below. See? You know you’d do it!


What exactly makes a BAD MOM?

Well, let’s see. Right now, I’m on Day 3 of a 10-day Road Trip with my 2 daughters. I’m currently downing a giant glass of bourbon at my mother-in-law’s house in Chicago while my daughters watch The Amazing World of Gumball turned up to 11. I don’t think that classifies as Bad Moms material but the truth is, I’m tired from driving and honestly don’t give a sh*t right now. If you can relate to THAT sentiment, then you need to see this movie. Lucky for us, I HAVE FREE PASSES! All you have to do is post your name in the comments below. Yeah, seriously…that’s it, because I know you’re probably pretty damn tired too. The first 10 people who post their names in the comments below get to take their favorite person to see Bad Moms this Thursday night at 7pm, at the Southlake Harkins. That’s right. They usually do screenings in Dallas but I guess someone thought the Southlake-Keller region might be overstocked with Bad Moms and I, for one, know that THEY’RE RIGHT. So set down that ginormous glass of wine just long enough to get your free passes, then watch the trailer below. Dammit, I can’t believe I’m gonna miss this screening!


Free Movie Passes: Watch Disney Movies ALL DAY LONG for Free!

If your kids are out of school right now, you’re kind of stuck. The new car smell of SUMMER has worn off and, if your crew is anything like mine, you’re running out of things to do. It’s too hot for free activities like hanging out at the park, but too expensive to head to Hawaiian Falls everyday. Even worse, the troops are starting to get surly and restless. I had mine working on one of those fancy coloring books for grown-ups when I found THIS:

So…what do we do? Well, the Cinemark Legacy in Plano is having a cool Disney Screen promotion, where you can watch Disney flicks all day long. They’re showing classics like Up, Ratatouille, Cool Runnings and all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies throughout the summer. Even better, I have 4-packs to giveaway so you can take your posse and maybe even some of their friends. Yeah, give some other exhausted mom a break while you watch a movie or two. Heck, stay there all DAY if you want, because they have screenings at 10:30am, 1:15pm, 4pm AND 7pm! I’ll give a 4-pack of passes (good through August 4th) to the first 5 people who respond in the comments below. You’ll need to include your email address and a brief story about how your kids are making your summer-crazy, so I know I’m not alone. Contest ends 7/14 so GET BUSY!


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Absolutely Fabulous” ON ME!

I’m not gonna lie. I feel pretty weird talking about free movies when my city is heartbroken (I’m based on Dallas. If you don’t know what that means, here’s a link:, but maybe you could use a free movie right now. Maybe you need something light-hearted and goofy that makes you forget about the madness for a while. If that’s the case, click HERE to get your free passes to see the Absolutely Fabulous movie, then watch the trailer below. Hope it brightens your day a little.


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See the New “Ghostbusters” ON ME!

Everyone’s been fussing about this Ghostbusters since plans for a new one were announced. I don’t know why people got so worked up, but I never considered the Ghostbusters from 1984 a sacred cow to begin with. It’s hard to complain about any movie you see FOR FREE though, which is why I’m hooking you up with these. If you’d like to see the new Ghostbusters, just click HERE to grab your passes, then watch the trailer below. Sure it’s one of the most HATED movie trailers on Youtube. That doesn’t mean it HAS to be bad, right?



Two years ago, director David Sandberg released a short film called Lights Out. The movie, which starred his wife Lotta Losten as a woman who is plagued by a figure in her darkened hallway, took social media by storm. I remember watching it at work and blurting out obscenities as the lights went out. If you’ve never seen it before, take the mere 2:42 required to watch it below. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Now you understand why Lights Out has been viewed over 12 million times around the world, right? They OBVIOUSLY had to make a full-length movie out of it but here’s the big surprise…


In fact, the big screen version of Lights Out, which stars Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, The Choice) and Billy Burke from Twilight, is currently trending at 100% on the Film Critics website Rotten Tomatoes. Even better, I have passes to see it EARLY and FOR FREE so grab those by clicking HERE, then watch the Lights Out trailer below. Dammit, I might not ever sleep AGAIN!


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “The Legend of Tarzan” on ME!

My first introduction to Tarzan came when I was a young girl, but it had nothing to do with the book or that Disney cartoon. No, I was teenager, hopped up on hormones and watching HBO when Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes came on. I had never laid my eyes on Christopher Lambert before and seeing him in all that shirtless-long-hair-glory stirred something in my loins heart. I’ve had a bit of a fascination with the character ever since, and watched George of the Jungle more times than any full-grown woman should admit to.

Now Alexander Skarsgard is taking on the role of Tarzan? Really? The ONLY reason I watched 5 consecutive seasons of True Blood is playing the role that first lit the furnaces of my youth?


Sure, there are other reasons to see The Legend of Tarzan. Margot Robbie plays the Ape Man’s true love Jane Porter while Christoph Waltz takes on the role of dangerous Captain Rom. Even Samuel Jackson plays real-life journalist George Washington Williams. He wrote an open letter to King Leopold in 1890, condemning the treatment of the Congolese so yes, there’s an actual history lesson in The Legend of Tarzan. No one will blame you if you just want to see it because of the picture above, though.

Whatever you reason is, click HERE to get free passes to see The Legend of Tarzan, then watch the trailer below. Hmmm, I wonder what Christopher Lambert is up to these days.


FREE MOVIE PASSES: See Steven Spielberg’s “The BFG” on Me!

Did you realize that The BFG was written by Roald Dahl, directed by Steven Spielberg and released by Disney?

That has to be one of strongest Film Trifectas I’ve ever heard of!

It stars Oscar winner Mark Rylance as a giant who befriends a lonely young girl and brings her to his home in Giant Country. It’s not entirely safe though, because the other giants prefer to eat people. Can their friendship survive, as the other giants become increasingly more dangerous? How can they warn the rest of the world about giants, when no one else believes in them?

The BFG opens in theaters July 1st, which would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday, but you can see it EARLY and FOR FREE! Just click HERE, then watch the trailer below. Oh dear, it’s probably not a good sign that I just cried through THAT.