The World’s Crappiest Radio Fan

One of the worst things about having a job as a radio personality is when you lose that job. Close friends and family tend to find out from each other, but the burden of filling in the rest of the world usually falls on you. This leads to some uncomfortable situations, but the good news is that it usually passes within a matter of months.
Unless you’re ME, that is.
See, I just ran into someone who thought I was still co-hosting a morning radio show that’s been defunct for 2.5 years.
I see this woman all the time. I don’t even recall how we became friendly, but she’s always quick with a hug and “Hello,” so it’s easy to like her. Our friendship has never gone beyond these pleasantries until recently, when we happened to be leaving a movie at the same time. We were waving our good-byes when she said, “I can’t wait to hear what you say about it on the radio tomorrow!”
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Sarabia, McGarry, Corning & Fisk

Oscar Predictions & “Get Out” Review on GOOD MORNING TEXAS

I joined Jane McGarry, Alanna Sarabia and Ron Corning on Good Morning Texas today to review a movie I can’t stop thinking or talking about: Get Out. If I said, “Get out of your house and see Get Out this weekend,” would you want to punch me in the face? Continue reading →

Meryl Streep

The Meryl Streep Effect: Could There Be an Oscar Shake-Up This Year?

I was pretty underwhelmed when the Oscar Nominations were announced this year. Some of my favorites were ignored (namely Deadpool and Annette Benning’s performance in 20th Century Women) and I felt we were on our way to a repeat of the Golden Globes. I even predicted, in multiple radio interviews the day of the nominations, that La La Land would sweep it’s categories again, with some important nods going to Moonlight.

Then something interesting happened, possibly bolstered by the speech Meryl Streep gave when she accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes. If you somehow missed it, you can read the transcript here.

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Business & Politics (Are You SURE You Want to Mix Them?)

Someone broke one of my knitting needles.
No one will own up to it but I assume it was Lucy, since she keeps trying to tape it back together. That didn’t work, so I decided to make a trip to the new knitting store nearby. I didn’t really mind because I’d enjoyed my last visit there and always like to help local businesses. Furthermore, the women who run the place are a hoot, so I looked forward to seeing them again.
Things were quite different today, though. They were in the heat of a political-discussion/knitting-circle, and BOY were they angry. They were especially peeved at the people who didn’t agree with their political views and tore into them like their knitting needles were teeth. Maybe they didn’t realize it, but they were insulting ME. Continue reading →

Dennis Quaid

The TRUTH About “A Dog’s Purpose” (And Why I Still Won’t See It)

A Dog’s Purpose opens in theaters this Friday (January 27th) but I won’t be seeing it. I, along with the almost 8 million people who watched the TMZ video, was pretty freaked out by that scared dog. That’s not why I’m skipping it, though.

Since then, I’ve read the comments from the book’s author, W. Bruce Cameron, who claimed the video reflects nothing like what he saw when he was on-set. I also read a statement from the film’s star, Dennis Quaid, who says essentially the same thing. The comments from the film’s producer, Gavin Polone, affected me the most though. I think everyone should read those before making any further decisions about seeing A Dog’s Purpose. See, Polone is an Animal Rights Activist who has been scrambling since the release of that video to figure out exactly what happened. His description of the events shed more light on everyone’s actions, though we’ll probably never REALLY know what went on that day.

The difficult truth is that any video can be misleading AND people who love animals can make mistakes in regards to their care. If you wanted to see A Dog’s Purpose and are conflicted now, I think you should read all of the comments above and make a decision from there. Continue reading →

Give Back

HERE’S A THOUGHT: Stop Fighting on Social Media & VOLUNTEER!

I made a New Year’s Resolution this year, which I don’t normally do. Sorry, but I never stick to them and find my lack of fortitude depressing (Remember that No Make-Up Resolution? Me neither.) I did, however, promise myself that I would spend less time doing THIS (staring at my computer) and more time actually helping my community. Just take a brief scroll through your social media of choice and you’ll find it packed with people who are unhappy with the world and each other. I’m not pointing fingers. I’ve been guilty of it too, but it’s time for us all to stop talking the talk and start walking that walk. We could start by volunteering.

I found a link that will direct you to the charities in your area, if you happen to live in North Texas. Click HERE for that. If you live elsewhere, try clicking HERE to find charity organizations around the country. Some of them even offer free travel abroad! Continue reading →

Iron Cowboy

Discount Tickets to PBR’s “Iron Cowboy”

Is it weird that I live in Texas, but have only been to ONE rodeo? I took my kids when they were small, but they both started crying during the calf roping competition. That was before they started destroying cows in Minecraft, so I think they’d love it now. That’s why I was excited to get this 20% OFF Deal for the Iron Cowboy, which is coming to AT&T Stadium February 18th. Continue reading →

Ugly Sweater

The World Needs an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Calling the past five days a “crappy week” would be an understatement. Plans fell through, packages were sent to wrong addresses, and my body is covered with bruises from the counters and coffee tables I’ve run into. I wanted to put a big black X over this day and stay inside, but a list of errands was staring me in the face. The idea of exiting my pajamas made me even angrier, so I searched my closet for an outfit that said “I’m only wearing clothes because I absolutely have to.”

And there it was.

My ages-old ugly Christmas sweater, purchased for a party years ago. It was PERFECT. A bright red middle-finger to the world, signifying my deficit of shits to give. It even smelled weird, like that unidentifiable scent in your grandmother’s house, that’s at once familiar and kind of gross. Continue reading →

Holiday Traditions

HOLIDAY TRADITIONS on “Good Morning Texas”

I was on Good Morning Texas today, talking about my favorite Holiday Traditions. If you missed it, just click HERE to watch it on There were several traditions I DIDN’T mention though, like drinking the strong homemade eggnog my husband whips up every year and nodding off while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Or the annual custom of crying over maxed out credit cards and never-ending Christmas lists. Ahh, the holidays! No, today we talked about fun stuff, like parades, pageants and festive ballerinas. OK, so there was ONE burlesque show in there but these are MY traditions we’re talking about. If any of them sounded fun to you, check out the list below and click the links for more information. Continue reading →

Running Dog

Don’t Be Afraid to TAP THE BRAKES!

The craziest thing just happened on my drive home.

A woman drove straight through an intersection in front of me. She went right through a red light but at a low speed, which you don’t see often. I was heading the same direction and had to turn behind her, where I found the same woman weaving all the way over to the other side of the road. This infuriated me because she was either the worst distracted-driver ever or at least half-way into a bottle of vodka. I was about to pass her and slowed down to get a look at this woman. I wanted to introduce her to my Angry Finger when I realized I had it all wrong. She was actually chasing a dog, who was running through the yards on the opposite side of the street. Continue reading →