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Jasmine Sadry & Mr. Mesero’s Damn Sexy Queso

I met Jasmine Sadry 10 years ago when she took over my old position at the Edge in Dallas.

It’s hard to describe how I felt about Jasmine at the time. Is there a word for how you feel when you’re replaced by someone ten years younger and ten times hotter than you? It would have to be a combination of anger and envy, like “Engravy” maybe? Whatever the word is, I was FILLED with it so you can imagine my disappointment when Jasmine ended up being great on the air. She’s also so sweet that no matter HOW hard I’ve tried to dislike her, I simply can’t. Best of all, she has a mouth on her that would embarass the saltiest truck driver and honestly, that’s a direct line to my heart. Continue reading →


Lucyisms Vol. 2- From The Mouths of Barfing Babes

Lucy was apprehensive when I posted “Lucyisms Vol. 1,” but she ended up being its biggest fan. I think she felt a little famous when friends approached her at school and quoted their favorite lines, like “You play your OWN bongos!”

She even tried CREATING Lucyisms but thankfully realized they sounded goofy when forced. She would spout off something especially strange, then shake her head and say, “No, that was terrible.”

Despite this, Lucy has unintentionally gifted us with some outstanding bon mots recently and I’ve been dying to share them. Then I discovered the NOTES she’s been leaving on my iPhone. Continue reading →


Congrats to Nick & Halie!!!

If you weren’t watching the Today show this morning, you missed two local folks getting engaged on live television. Nick Marino got his girlfriend Halie Gibbs in front of cameras by telling her they were part of a “Couples Who Make a Difference” segment, but we back at home knew the truth. See, Nick called me a few weeks ago to tell me about his plan so when the deed went down, I was sitting in front of my TV & crying like a baby.  Nick was too as he got down on one knee & asked Hailey to marry him. Pretty sweet stuff so if you missed it, just click the link below & get ready for the happy tears!


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CITY HIKES: CEDAR HILL STATE PARK (With the Dreaded Rattlesnake Alley & Caveman Crossing)

My tour of DFW Hiking Trails took me south of Dallas today to Cedar Hill. The GPS said I had an hour-long drive ahead of me but it was much shorter than that. Cedar Hill State Park is actually only 20 miles from downtown Dallas and 30 miles from downtown Fort Worth (according to their website http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/cedar-hill). We made it in about 40 minutes and I say WE because I got to bring a buddy today! Several friends have asked to join me on these hikes (Come on! The more the merrier! Plus I’ll need someone to carry me when I inevitably step on a rattlesnake). Today Shannon made the trip with me. Shannon is tons of fun and a fast-walker (Dang woman, SLOW DOWN!) but she also brought along a weapon, “Just in case.” It was a heavy black stick on a key-chain so I renamed it her “Bitch Stick.” Continue reading →

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How “Poltergeist” Ruined My Life

It wasn’t the movie itself that changed my life forever.

No, it was a Poltergeist teaser-trailer that came out several months before the movie. It featured stills and a few clips from the film that was coming out that summer, but it also showed interviews with supposed “Paranormal Experts.” They explained what a poltergeist actually was and my young mind was BLOWN. I found the first trailer on Youtube but it’s pretty crude. In fact, think it was taped by some dude sitting in front of his TV. Continue reading →

Ben Orr

A Tribute to My Rock ‘n’ Roll Crush: Benjamin Orr

Benjamin Orr wasn’t my very first Rock ‘n’ Roll crush. That would be Tommy Shaw, whom I saw playing with Styx on the Grand Illusion tour. I was 6-years-old and I don’t know WHY I was at that concert, but I was transfixed by his flowing blonde locks.

Benjamin Orr of The Cars was different because I loved his voice long before I saw him. It was the early 1980s and still the golden age of RADIO, so I didn’t know what my favorite musicians looked like until I saw them on “American Bandstand” or in my sister’s Teen Beat Magazine. Even then, everyone seemed focused on Ric Ocasek and his giraffe-like neck so I didn’t really SEE Benjamin Orr until The Cars Drive video. I had no idea a man could be that pretty. Seriously, even prettier than Paulina Prizkova (who after a fresh viewing, was batshit crazy in that video. Never noticed THAT before either!) Continue reading →

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Emily Trube and THE EGYPTIAN

I adored Emily Trube long before we started working together at KRLD.

I would listen to the station for school-closings on snowy mornings and hear poor Emily reporting from the icy roads. She has the voice of a teenager so she sounds like someone’s really smart daughter. Maybe that’s why I always worried so much about her driving on 635 in a snow-storm. I remember laughing out loud when she warned everyone to drive slowly, “like my Meemaw!”

I loved Emily even more after meeting her though because I saw how incredibly REAL she is. People in radio often craft a persona but not Emily Trube. That’s probably why she’s so good at what she does. I offered to take her to lunch and we threw a few ideas around before I said, “Just pick you’re favorite place and we’ll go there.”

It was no contest. She chose Campisi’s but it had to be the ORIGINAL Egyptian Restaurant. Continue reading →


36 Hours of Non-Stop Meows

I’m writing this from the parking lot of an animal hospital. It is the second animal hospital I’ve visited today and the cat in the carrier next to me will not stop meowing. It’s this SAME meowing that brought us here to begin with because she’s been at it nonstop for about 36 hours. Sometimes it will slow down and turn into an “Ooo Ooo Oooo” sound. Then she’ll kick back in and scream MEOW.

Maggie has a multitude of issues (some renal, some relating to the sore teeth in her mouth) and it’s going to cost a shitload of money to deal with it all. I don’t really care as long as it stops the meowing. I’d like to say I’m worried about how scared she is or if she’s in pain but that is all outweighed now by my desperate need for SILENCE. Continue reading →


Why Am I’m Hiding in the LA Fitness Parking Lot?

I’m writing this from the parking lot of a gym near my house. I’m hiding out here because I don’t want to be home when the woman who cleans our house gets her “Your Services Are No Longer Needed” note. Yes, I am firing her via note and I feel absolutely terrible about it. I LOVE this woman and so do my kids. They got all weepy when I told them we had to part ways with her. That’s not why I’m dodging her though. Continue reading →