Easiest Posole EVER

I managed to live in New Mexico for 3 whole years and NEVER eat Posole. Everyone else loved it and swore by it’s hangover-healing properties. I, on the other hand, always confused Posole with Menudo, which contains tripe. I avoided them both at all costs because I KNEW I’d somehow end up eating a cow’s stomach lining.

I found a Posole recipe in Southern Living though and it looked incredible.  It seemed simple enough until they started rehydrating chile peppers and pulling out the food processor. That’s when I glazed over. See, I HATE our food processor though I don’t really know why. Maybe because it takes up so much space in the dishwasher or because it’s hard to get down from the high shelf my husband puts it on. I was about to give up on this Posole recipe when I had a thought.

“What if I skipped the rehydrated chiles and just added enchilada sauce instead?” Continue reading →

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Tasty & Super Easy Shredded Beef Tacos: Salpicon

I don’t remember anyone bringing food to my house when I was a kid. We were fortunate to never have some AWFUL turn of events that kept us from cooking our own meals. In fact, the first time people ever showed up to our house with casserole dishes was when my own mother passed away. Believe me, we needed it then. Seeing all the food in Mom’s kitchen meant the world to me, so I promised myself I would ALWAYS bring food to people in their time of need. That’s why I’m making Salpicon today. Continue reading →


Maurice’s Chili for the Chili Cook-Off

Years ago, I took boxing classes with a trainer named Maurice Nelson. Maurice was a wonderful dude and a glowing example of what exercise and a healthy diet can do for a body. That’s why it was so shocking when we found out he had colon cancer.

I stopped taking boxing classes (boxing, it turns out, is REALLY HARD) but Maurice and I remained friends. He got really skinny from the chemotherapy, so I started bringing food for him to the gym. He didn’t like everything I brought (“Don’t feel like you have to bring that cabbage soup again.”) but he LOVED my chili. Maurice even told me once that my chili was the best he had ever tasted. I told my husband that night, to which he responded, “Has he ever EATEN chili before?” Continue reading →


RECIPES: Comfort Food for the Guilt Ridden Soul

The day started off innocently enough.

My husband has a wicked case of Whatever-Is-Going-Around so I took our daugthers to McKinney for the afternoon. We had a blast running around The Heard Nature Center and pretending to be scared of the animatronic dinosaurs. Then we hit the historic downtown square for some shopping and lunch. We capped the whole thing off with a massive piece of chocolate pie at Spoon Cafe before heading home for the day.

We were about 20 minutes into our drive back to Dallas when I realized I’d done something horrible. Continue reading →


RECIPE: Sit-In-It Dip

Years ago, my sister came to visit for my birthday and bought me the most incredible looking grocery-store cake. Most store-bought cakes don’t look that great but this one was all fluffy white-icing Heaven. She and I were ogling it when she said, “Kinda makes you want to sit in it, doesn’t it?”

My husband stood there stunned for a moment before saying, “Wait, what? NO!!! No, I definitely DO NOT want to sit in that cake!”

I understood his shock but I also knew EXACTLY what she meant because sometimes, it’s simply THAT GOOD.

I’m telling you this story so you’ll understand why I’m renaming this particular dip. Continue reading →

Happy New Years!

RECIPES: New Year’s Collard Greens & The Best Damn Biscuits Ever

Everyone knows that eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day is supposed to bring good luck but did you know that eating collard greens is supposed to bring money?

I imagine most people gloss over that part because they don’t LIKE collard greens or have never tried them. I get it. They look mushy & gross, like something you’d find growing in a gas station bathroom. If you can get over that though & actually get them into your mouth, you’ll find they are AWESOME. At least MY collard greens are. Continue reading →