Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (5/22)

I was so excited when Good Morning Texas expressed interest in sharing the Julie Says So “What’s Streaming” segments, THEN I attempted to film one on Zoom. Three days (and multiple meltdowns) later, I still couldn’t find a way to fix my hair. You’ll just have to pretend it isn’t magically disappearing and then reappearing as you watch the segment, but you’ll still get some excellent streaming ideas for Memorial Day Weekend. Watch it HERE and huge “Thanks” to Good Morning Texas for sharing my work!

As always, thank you Vintaglio Jewelry for providing the bling. Take a look at their website and gorgeous hand-made pieces HERE.


Streaming now

Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (for 4/23)

Don’t you miss hanging out with your squad?
Getting dressed up, meeting your friends and then having a massive fight in the middle of some overpriced restaurant. Maybe even flipping some tables?
If that’s your kind of fun, you’ll be thrilled to know that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is BACK. Sharpen your nails for added drama because Garcelle Beauvais has been added to the cast. You can watch it on Bravo (and catch up with Episode 1 below). Continue reading →

Shows to Watch

Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (for 4/16/20)

According to a recent study, Americans are currently streaming about 8 hours of TV a day and binging 3 new series a week! If that’s the case, you probably need something new to stream Continue reading →

Joe Exotic

What to Watch After “Joe Exotic”: Streaming NOW for 4/2/20

How’s everyone holding up? Are you staying at home? I just tried online grocery-shopping and like it much more than getting sneezed on in the check-out line. Give it a shot but know it will take 3-4 days (sometimes more depending on the store) to get your food. You’ll need something to watch while you’re eating all those beans and I can help. Continue reading →

Couch Potato

Julie Says So: What’s Streaming NOW (for 3/26/20)

Need something new to watch? Maybe another sofa activity that won’t lead to self-loathing. What? I was referring to your habit of eating cake icing directly from the tub. Or is that just me? Well, COVID-19 might be a horrific pandemic but it couldn’t have come at a better time, with all the TV there is to watch. I’m joking, of course, but you’ve wanted to catch up on the shows and movies people were talking about. Now you’ve got the time. Continue reading →

Onward Review

MOVIE REVIEW: Does “Onward” Ever Get Where It’s Going?

The trailers for Onward have been a little frustrating, with their attempts to tell the whole convoluted story in sixty seconds. A land of magic moves into the modern-age, where unicorns live like alley cats and fairies take the bus to work. Two young elves attempt to resurrect their deceased father but something goes awry and they’re left with one day to fix what they’ve broken.
Yeah, it’s a big plot to swallow and Onward doesn’t linger on the details. It gets straight to business once the movie starts, introducing the fun quirks of this modern fairyland and, more importantly, our lovable brother-elves.
Ian (Tom Holland) is turning 16 and feels like he’s never been the man his father would be proud of. His older brother Barley (Chris Pratt) is a cuddly rebel with a Dungeons and Dragons (at least their version) addiction. Together they discover a bit of magic to revive their father and, when that misfires, their quest begins. Continue reading →

Elizabeth Moss

JULIE SAYS SO Movie Review: “The Invisible Man”

It’s thrilling to see a film that exceeds your expectations, just as it’s vastly disappointing to see one that doesn’t live up to them. Somewhere in the middle of that scale is where we find movies like The Invisible Man, that start off strong then lose steam along the way.
This twist on the H.G. Wells classic is told from the spouse’s point of view. Elizabeth Moss plays the target of an abusive husband, who feels at risk even after escaping his grasp. She’s safe in a secret location but senses the eyes of her ex at all times, even after his death. Is she paranoid or has he found a way to stalk her without being seen? Continue reading →