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Julie Fisk is a Film Critic and Entertainment Contributor for Good Morning Texas in Dallas. She is also a proud member of the DFW Film Critics Association, which she brags about incessantly. Julie covers movies for radio stations and shows all across the country, including WCSX in Detroit, Michigan, KGBX in Springfield, Missouri and Trending Today USA with Rusty Humphries. She is always available to talk to your audience by phone or (if you’re in North Texas) in studio.

Julie has been a part of the media since 1990, so she’s very comfortable speaking her mind about essentially anything. If you’d like to have a place, product, or event reviewed, Julie would love to help you with that. She is also a competent copy writer, having written commercials almost every day of her working life. Her past clients have included Rusty Wallis Volkswagen, The Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center, Corner Bakery and Zerorez. Julie is also available for public speaking engagements and can host any event you might be planning. She also promises NOT to sample the cocktails until her work is done. After that, it’s Open Season.

Feel free to reach out to Julie in the Comments and she will contact you. THANK YOU!


  1. Hey Julie!

    My name is Adam and I am the producer for the Torg and Elliott show on QFM 96.3 in Columbus, Ohio. We had you on a few weeks ago. The guys wanted me to reach out to you today in order to set up an interview for AFTER the Oscars. Would that be feasible? Please contact me when can!

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hey Julie,
    Your former neighbor here. Just wanted to stop by & say thanks for getting me to laugh. I enjoy reading about your adventures with the girls.


  3. Julie,

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve loved your movie reviews. I thought I was a great writer and movie reviewer — and am…and was….but in all honesty, I’m NO JULIE FISK. Hell, Siskel and Ebert were no Julie Fisk! You’re hard-hitting, funny, and a great no-punches-pulled analyst. Come to think of it, I’ve often gotten more entertainment from your reviews than from the movies themselves. OK, always. 100,000 scripts registered with the WGA each year — but Hollywood can’t find anything new to produce!
    Considering how many (as you referred to) movies are merely sequels to TV shows, it’s ironic that in the early days of TV, the small screen was considered the bastard stepchild of the big screen.
    You’re the best! What is it with all of you great and gorgeous Julies here: You, Julie DeHarty, Julie Mac (the latter two, whom I know — but you shouldn’t hold that against them, necessarily)…it must be something in the water, I guess.
    ALL the best,
    John Wolf

    1. THANK YOU JOHN WOLF! I needed to hear all of those kind words in a major way today. And you’re right. We really DO have an embarassment of JULIES around here, don’t we?

  4. Just wanted to stop and say hello! years ago your brought joy into my car every single morning on the radio. I went on vacation for a few days and when I came back…no more Julie. I was so SAD! and then yesterday I am looking up hiking DFW and I come across your page. and as soon as I read your hilarious words and read your bio I know it is you and I am thrilled to have found you once again!

    See you on the trails!

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you found me. : ) I haven’t been hiking since we stumbled across a copperhead back in May but I was JUST THINKING that I needed to get back out there. Where are you hiking? I’d love some new suggestions. And THANK YOU! Your note made my day!

  5. Hi Julie, I am not even sure you will read this, but I was listening to the public radio station in Dallas (KERA, 90.1) last week on the “THINK” show, it was Chris Boyd, you, C. Vogner & I forget the other film critic’s name. Anyway, when the topic of “The Martian” came up, you liked the movie more than the other two. I wanted to bounce something off you about that picture, as a professional film critic. Do you know if all the science stuff (the astro-physics, physics, & of course the botany) is in the realm of possibility ? They were some scenes where they used a great many scientific words, especially the scenes with the brainy African-American guy w/ the nasty apartment. I was just wondering if all that science was correct, or hokey. Were the botanists in the theatre rolling their eyes at how ridiculous Mr. Damon’s plant-growing escapades were/? I heard that the person who wrote the book was in close contact w/ NASA the entire time they wrote the book. I am very interested to read your comments about those issues. .
    My goodness, I think you must like movies as much as I do !!

    Scott, Dallas TX

    1. Hi Scott & thanks for reaching out to me!
      I had also wondered about the science in “The Martian” and if it added up. I remember how disappointed I was in the “Gravity” discrepancies, because I loved THAT movie so much. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had many great things to say about “The Martian” though and how close they kept it to the truth. Here’s a link to an interview with Tyson, but there are many articles online about his appreciation of the film. Thanks again for contacting me!

  6. Hi Julie!
    I’m the project manager for a post production house, Mutiny FX, based in Bentonville, Arkansas. We specialize in visual effects, editing, and animation for independent films, but we are gearing up to produce our own content – the kind of movies families can watch and enjoy together.

    Our most recent film was released in July 2015, Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson (directed by Harold Cronk of God’s Not Dead 1 and 2). It’s a story about a boy and girl who stop a band of pirates from using a giant EMP that would set us back a few hundred years. Through their efforts to save life as we know it, the characters learn the importance of humility, communication, and team work.

    We would love to have our movie reviewed by you. We don’t believe this film will change anyone’s life, but it might give families an opportunity to enjoy some good old fashioned movie adventure together. If this is something you’re interested in, we are more than happy to mail a DVD to you. Just let me know what the process is.

    Thanks you so much! I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hi Janna & thanks for reaching out! Yes I’d love to check out your movie. Send me your email address so I can contact you directly. I have loads of family in Arkansas by the way, but mostly around Conway. : )

  7. Hello, Julie, I was wondering what you thought about the ending scene with he ghost logo being shot. Do you think that is appropriate for kids. Especially little girls. I’m not sure I would explain ghost balls to my daughter. What do you think?

    1. I think I must have missed that particular scene, but I don’t like the image of ANYTHING being shot right now (even comically). I know that I’m extra-sensitive to that type of thing though. I also missed the Ghost “balls,” and don’t understand why they would be included in an movie that boasts an ALL FEMALE CAST! Again, I missed it so I don’t know the context. As for what to say to you daughter, I would say the same thing I tell my girls when I’m not ready to answer a question: “Ask me in 2 years.”

  8. Hi Julie,
    I sat next to you at the Don’t Breathe preview on Tuesday night. I was wondering how to subscribe to your website. I enjoyed hearing how to score free passes to movies. However, since I am experiencing CRS, I can’t recall. Please help me out. BTW, I did enjoy the movie. I am a movie fanatic and could go to a movie everyday.

    1. Hi Carla! Thanks for reaching out & sorry if I screamed too much the other night. I sadly STILL haven’t figured out the “subscribe” feature but will get on that. In the meantime, you can find me on Facebook ( because I post all of my blogs & free passes there. I’m also on Twitter @JulieHFisk. It’s funny because I was JUST sitting down to write my review of Don’t Breathe. I loved it too!

  9. This is Tana’s brother. I just wanted to say thank you for the F*** Cancer post. She was a wonderful person who will be missed by many. If you can be at the memorial service, that would be wonderful. If you need the info, please email me.

  10. Hi Julie,

    I am subscribed to your email list, but I don’t seem to get updates on when you post new movie screening passes.

  11. Hello Julie,
    I just saw your post in my LFH Nextdoor app. Just wanted to say thanks for the link. My good friend Laura is the Exec Producer at GMT. Small world! :).

  12. Good morning Julie,
    I really enjoy listening to your reviews on Fridays on WWVA in Wheeling, West Virginia!! This morning when you were talking about the Meagan Levy movie, you said IUD instead of IED. I don’t know who else caught that but, yeah, you did say IUD!! Oh well we all make little mistakes. Lol….Just wanted to bring that to your attention so that you are aware and you can be cautious for the next on-air review!! Love your work!!! Thanks.

    1. OmiGOSH Connie!!! Please tell me I didn’t say IUD instead of IED! That sounds EXACTLY like the kind of stupid mistake I tend to make! Thanks for listening & for the feedback! Yes, I’ll make a POINT of saying IED next time.

  13. Hi Julie, just wondering what happened to the screening for THE FAVOURITE?? I commented yesterday in the comments section for reserved seats , but now just checked to see if you replied and it says “page not found”

    Just wondering??

    Thanks Susan

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