“Eliza’s Art In The Yard” For One-Of-A-Kind Designs

I’m lucky because I have several friends who are artists and designers. This is GREAT for me because I always get the best birthday gifts from them. It’s also a challenge because I want to buy EVERYTHING they make but as my husband constantly reminds me, “Julie you just can’t DO that!”

I choose instead to promote my friends whenever I can, like the show this weekend. My girlfriend Fatima Valentin is the metalsmith and designer behind Fantastultra, which will have a booth at Eliza’s Art In The Yard. Fatima’s been creating pieces that have a cool cosmic/vintage feel for years. Everything she makes looks like it came from a badass Virginia Slims ad circa 1971. Here’s a sample of her recent work but I plan to show up early and buy that giant garnet ring.


Several other artists will be displaying and selling their work Saturday so take time to check everything out. You can also get a reflexology treatment or massage while you’re there, or maybe even a henna tattoo. See you Saturday but remember, I CALLED DIBS ON THAT RING!

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