“Everybody Wants Some!!” Movie Review (& a chat with it’s stars)

Remember that period of time between high school and college, when you felt completely invincible?

Everything seemed charged with excitement and possibility, “like there was sugar in the air,” as my daughter once said.

I’ve spent my life trying to recapture that feeling but I don’t have to anymore because Everybody Wants Some!! did it for me.

This is the latest from director Richard Linklater and, though it contains none of the same cast members, he calls it the “spiritual sequel” to Dazed and Confused. It’s about Jake (Blake Jenner), who starts his freshman year of college by moving in with his baseball teammates. They spend the remaining days of summer drinking, getting laid and in general, just horsing around.

And that’s it.

Remember, this is a Richard Linklater flick so don’t expect a typical storyline. Everybody Wants Some!! doesn’t bother with major character developments or conflict. Instead, it gives us a day in the life of a hard-partying college freshman, and believe me, a day in that life is good.

The only thing that felt awkward about Everybody Wants Some!! is the fact that it’s coming out barely a year after The Hunting Ground. The carefree sex represented in this Linklater film is in stark contrast to the stories of on-campus rape and cover-ups told in the 2015 documentary. There was nothing in Everybody Wants Some!! that suggested anything but consensual sex, but it still felt a little out-of-place in a time when Lady Gaga’s singing tributes to victims.

Everybody Wants Some!! represents the type of college experience I had though, where everyone was searching for a party and our biggest concern was squeezing in a nap before our next class (To my Father, if he reads this: That’s not true, Daddy. It wasn’t like that at all!).

I also have to thank Richard Linklater for taking me back in time and giving me a small taste of that moment in my life. When it felt like there was sugar in the air.

(This cast is packed with new faces, but the camaraderie amongst them is evident. Linklater apparently had them all live on his ranch in the weeks before filming, so they could develop relationships. I got to sit down with Wyatt Russell, Quinton Johnson and Glenn Powell from the cast, and they were adorable. Watch the interview below, and forgive me for turning into a flirty old-lady. Hell, can you blame me?)

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