“Finding Dory” Double Feature-DORY AFTER DARK!

My kids are weird because they don’t like to stay up late. They’re the ones at sleepovers who yell at the other kids Keep it down! We’re trying to sleep! They wouldn’t tackle this double-feature without sleeping bags, but it just might be worth it.

See, select theaters across the country will have a Dory After Dark Double Feature on Thursday June 16th, just before Finding Dory opens. They’re going to show Finding Nemo first, then follow it up with the brand new Finding Dory right afterwards. Disney will have some freebies to share with fans, as well.

These screenings will happen nationwide and you’ll have to contact the theater directly to get tickets. These are the ones I found in North Texas so far:

ALAMO 7 Richardson
AMC NorthPark 15 Dallas
CINEMARK Legacy 24 + XD Plano
SMG Arlington
SMG Plano

Click right HERE to find a list of theaters around the country that are doing the Dory After Dark Double Feature, then watch the trailer below. I wonder if memory-loss runs in Dory’s family. (GASP!) What if they don’t remember HER?


  1. This is a little kid movie. 9pm is way too late to start a double feature. It won’t be over until almost 1am! I don’t even want to stay up that late. Haha. Also it’s $15.00. It’s such a fun idea. Too bad.

    1. And yet tickets are selling out all over! Check back though because I’ll have free passes to see it early!

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