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Just how much did I love the first John Wick movie?
I need to tell you a story first, so you’ll fully understand.
I met Keanu Reeves back in 1996, when he was touring with his band Dogstar. He came to the radio station I worked at and I was TERRIFIED. I’d taken the rest of his band out for drinks the night before and introduced them to several of my girlfriends. A good time was had by all except Keanu, who spent the whole night in his hotel room. I don’t know what I expected when he walked in the next day, but I was hoping he’d be light-hearted and fun, like the rest of Dogstar.
He wasn’t. Keanu Reeves was sullen and difficult, and he made it clear that he didn’t want to be there.
I had taken calls from listeners, and asked what THEY would ask Keanu Reeves, given the chance. The first question I chose was how he found his band-mates. Were they old friends or had they met another way?
“That’s a stupid question. No one wants to hear that. Ask me something else,” was his response.
I don’t remember the rest of the interview. I just remember how much I hated Keanu Reeves at that moment. You can tell from this picture that he was being a jerk.

Dogstar-1996 (I liked the drummer more, anyhow.)

I didn’t see another Keanu Reeves movie after that, except The Matrix and only because I had to. I carried my Keanu Grudge like a badge of honor until 2014, when I saw John Wick. I wouldn’t have seen it either if every critic in the world hadn’t been flipping over it…and they were RIGHT. John Wick was cruel, ultra-violent and fantastic fun.
John Wick also made me love Keanu Reeves again.
I’ve spoken to people who say that Keanu Reeves is a changed man. He is allegedly friendly and gracious during interviews now, but you know what?
I’d be excited about John Wick: Chapter 2 even if Keanu Reeves was still a raging prick.
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