FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “The Nut Job 2” & “Leap” EARLY & FOR FREE

I’m speaking to those of you who have been left in charge of the ankle-biters while they are out of school. I feel your pain!
I too have visited every park, accepted every play-date and purchased every kid-appropriate option GROUPON has to offer (Wait, can we take our kids to wine-tastings?)
What do we do with them now?
Lucky for us, I was able to wrangle up free passes to see The Nut Job 2 AND Leap!
Are they good movies?
WHO CARES? They’re FREE and they’ll keep your spawn from asking “What are we gonna do NOW” for a full ninety minutes. Heck, you might even be able to work in a little snooze while they’re watching the movie.
Sounds like HEAVEN, doesn’t it?
So click HERE if you’d like to see The Nut Job 2 and click HERE to see Leap. Take a minute to watch the trailers below, then grab passes to whichever flick strikes your fancy.
Or see both of them, like me!
And remember, kids LOVE smuggled treats so it’s a great time to unload that 9-month-old Halloween candy!

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