FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Alice Through the Looking Glass” & Have a Girls Night Out ON ME!

I’m throwing a Girls Night Out cocktail party and you HAVE to come! Wednesday May 18th, we’re all going to meet at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson to watch Alice Through the Looking Glass, but this isn’t your typical watching party. No, we’ll have freebies from Urban Decay and the Drafthouse has planned a special “Wonderland” themed menu for us. Everyone who comes will get an Alice-inspired cocktail, or mocktail for the kids. Yes, Alice Through the Looking Glass is rated PG so this Girls Night Out will be a kid-friendly event! We also won’t turn away any fellas who insist on joining us for fancy drinks and a free movie. You have to get passes first though, so take care of that by clicking HERE, then take a minute to watch the Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer. Listen closely for the voice of dear, departed Alan Rickman too, because this was his final movie.


  1. You look great on WFAA this morning. My 8 year old and I would love to attend. She already loves Urban Decay. We have been looking for a good movie. We are so excited to see Alice!! ( insert huge Disney fan). Please pick us!
    Thank you!
    Bella and Shelley

    1. There’s a link in the post above ^^^ that takes you to your free passes. That’s how you get them. See you next week!

  2. Aahh! I guess I missed getting free tickets by an hour. The first Alice movie had incredible cinematography and vivid images. I’m looking forward to the Through the Looking Glass. Have fun!

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