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FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Annebelle Comes Home” EARLY & FOR FREE

Remember Ed and Lorraine Warren’s creepy basement from The Conjuring, where they kept possessed items to keep them safe? It’s where we met the Annabelle doll for the very first time. Well, that place actually exists and I found a YouTube video of it from 2016. You even get to see the original Annabelle, though she’s a “Raggedy Anne” doll in real life and not nearly as scary. Actually, the whole basement isn’t as scary as I’d expected, thanks to the stupid gargoyles and creepy masks the Warren’s hung up for decoration. Believe me, that nasty stuff needs NO enhancement. I’m sharing this video with you because Annabelle Comes Home actually takes place in the Warren’s basement, where Annabelle brings the other possessed items to life and sets them free. Want to see it EARLY and FOR FREE? Click HERE to grab you Annabelle Comes Home passes if so, then watch the trailer below. Take a minute afterwards to visit the Warren’s actual basement in the video below that. Damn…what do you think that place SMELLS like???

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