Stone & Carell

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Battle of the Sexes” EARLY & FOR FREE

Battle of the Sexes might look like a blatant Oscar-grab, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Emma Stone stars in this one as Billy Jean King, who was number one in the world when she played a Battle of the Sexes tennis match against former champ, Bobby Riggs. Steve Carell plays the male-chauvinist-and-proud-of-it Riggs and, from the trailer, appears to be having a ball. Want to see Battle of the Sexes EARLY and FOR FREE? Click HERE to grab your passes if so, then watch the trailer below. Then look up a picture of Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs when they played the match because it’s CRAZY how much Stone and Carell resemble them!
Battle of the Sexes is rated PG-13 and opens September 22nd. Find tickets HERE.

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