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FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Blade Runner 2049” FOR FREE!

I give away Free Movie Passes all the time. That’s awesome, if you live near Dallas, Texas and have time to come to a scheduled screening. It’s easier to just go to a movie whenever you want, which is why I’m so freaking pumped about this:

I have free passes to see Blade Runner 2049, WHENEVER & WHEREVER YOU WANT TO!

Well, as long as it’s a Fandango supported movie theater AND you go by 11/2/2017, then YOU can see Blade Runner 2049 FOR FREE, thanks to ME!

Just post your name and email address in the COMMENTS below, along with something nice…maybe about my hair. The first 15 people to do so will win one pair of passes to Blade Runner 2049! GOOD LUCK! Now take a moment to watch the trailer below, because it looks so freaking good!
UPDATE: All of the passes are gone but please check the FREE MOVIE PASSES page to see what I’m giving away next!


      1. See, now I REALLY wish I had more passes to give away. I’m sorry! Check the Free Movie Passes page to see what I’m giving away next!

  1. Hi Julie,
    You always look so young and beautiful – it is hard to imagine that you have two daughters! (Who are also very lovely, of course 🙂

  2. Hi Julie!

    Hope you’ve had a nice day! I love reading your reviews and the first time I heard about you was on GMT and I wasn’t really paying attention at first but you were so charismatic that you had my attention. I love going to the movies and I’m very much a person who likes to read reviews before watching a film so thank you so much for providing me with that!


  3. #13- Those were just the ones I’d posted on the website so far, but you made it in! I’ll be in touch with details soon Chris!

  4. I love your reviews because you truly get both the art of cinema and the pure enjoyment of going to be entertained. Honestly, I trust your reviews above all especially for taking my kids.

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