KIdman & Hedges


There are so many reasons to be excited about Boy Erased. First of all, it’s based on an incredible novel about a young man who’s forced into conversion therapy by his parents (played by Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman). Author Garrard Conley worked closely with director Joel Edgerton (who also wrote the screenplay and plays a part) to ensure that his traumatic, real-life experiences were properly showcased onscreen. I’m also excited about Boy Erased because it stars Lucas Hedges, who is my favorite young actor. He was nominated for his work in Manchester by the Sea, and followed that up with phenomenal performances in Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri last year. I also saw Hedges in Mid90’s just last week, where he’s almost unrecognizable as an abusive big-brother. In short, Lucas Hedges is a freaking genius and we need to see everything he’s in. So, who wants to see Boy Erased EARLY and FOR FREE? Click HERE to grab your passes if so, then watch the trailer below. While you’re watching the movie, remember that conversion therapy has only been banned in 16 states. It’s still completely legal everywhere else, including Texas.
Boy Erased is rated R and opens November 2nd. You can buy tickets to see it & support this website HERE:

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