Hart & Cranston

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See Bryan Cranston & Kevin Hart in “The Upside” EARLY & FOR FREE

The Upside is actually a remake of an excellent French film from 2011 called The Intouchables. It was also about a wealthy man who becomes a quadriplegic after an accident and hires a caregiver with a questionable past. I haven’t seen the remake with Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart yet, but The Intouchables was one of my favorite films that year (it was even nominated for a Golden Globe). So, who wants to see The Upside EARLY and FOR FREE? Good because I have passes for screenings all over Texas! Click HERE if you’d like to see The Upside in Austin, or HERE to see it in Dallas. Click HERE to see it in San Antonio or click HERE if you’d like to see The Upside in Houston. Double-check to see that you got passes for the correct city, then watch the trailer below. Oh, and The Upside is based on a true story, so you might want to bring some tissues.
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