Dog Days Movie


I interviewed Adam Pally years ago, when he was still on that excellent TV show, Happy Endings (GOD, I miss that show!). He spent the first few minutes of our chat describing the bowel movement he’d had that morning and I could not stop laughing. Yes, Adam Pally can even discuss post-tequila stomach distress in a way that’s CHARMING, which is why I’ll support the man in whatever he does. That includes his latest movie Dog Days, which also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria and Finn Wolfhard. It looks like the perfect way for dog lovers to escape the heat, plus it’s rated PG so you can take your kids! If you’d like to see Dog Days EARLY and FOR FREE, click HERE to claim your passes, then watch the trailer below. And scroll past that if you’d like to see a picture from my Adam Pally interview. I deleted the interview itself ages ago, since it was mostly just the two of us laughing about poop!

Adam Pally & I – moments after our Poop Chat

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