Tim Burton


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Tim Burton. I loved him when he was making films like Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood, but I still don’t know what to think of Dark Shadows. I also haven’t forgiven him for what he did to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, but you can read my heartbroken daughter’s review of it HERE (she has, for the record, forgiven Asa Butterfield though).
But SURELY Tim Burton wouldn’t ruin Dumbo!
This story about a floppy eared elephant is so sad and sweetly perfect that it hasn’t been touched since they animated it in 1941. Tim Burton wouldn’t attempt this without a solid plan in place, would he? It won’t matter either way if you see Dumbo EARLY and FOR FREE, and I have passes for screenings in Grapevine AND Dallas! Click HERE if you’d like to see Dumbo at the Grapevine Mills AMC and HERE to see it at NorthPark Center. Then let’s watch the trailer and say a silent prayer together, “Please OH PLEASE let this movie be even half as good as the trailer!”
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