Chris Nolan's DUNKIRK


Holy crap, I’ve got free passes to see Dunkirk!
If you don’t know why that’s something to holy crap about, then you obviously haven’t heard that Dunkirk is the latest from Writer/Director Christopher Nolan. It’s his first feature-length film since Inception (2014) and tells of the evacuation of allied forces, who were surrounded by the German army during WWII. Nolan wanted to avoid CGI as much as he could and focused on old-school effects, like placing actual naval destroyers in the water and crowding the beach with cardboard cut-outs of soldiers. He even put Spitfires on cranes and swung them around to film the dog-fights. Sound like your thing? Then grab passes to see Dunkirk EARLY and FOR FREE by clicking HERE, then watch the trailer below. Oh, and Dunkirk is also the film debut of former-One Direction-now-solo-artist, Harry Styles but surely you don’t care about THAT.

Dunkirk is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters July 21st.

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