Franco and Cranston


Bryan Cranston has turned into a hero of mine. He already was, of course, after I plowed through all seasons of Breaking Bad AND re-watched Malcolm in the Middle with my kids. Cranston went to near-legendary status in my mind though, after leaving an autographed book at DFW Airport. It was later found by “Kenna,” who dutifully lost her mind over it on Twitter and incited rage-inducing jealousy in us all.

Bryan Cranston
Yes “Kenna,” it’s real.

After that, well I’d probably take a bullet for the man. Instead, I’m just going to give away free passes to his new movie, Why Him? Bryan Cranston plays a devoted father who loses it when his daughter falls in love with an eccentric gazillionaire, played by James Franco. It looks hilarious and, since you didn’t get a hidden-autographed-copy of Bryan Cranston’s book EITHER, you get to see it EARLY and FOR FREE. Just click HERE to get your free passes, then watch the Why Him? trailer below. OK, I guess I’ll give free passes to “Kenna” too, IF she lets me see that book!


  1. The book is amazing and so well written! I acquired a huge amount of respect for Bryan Cranston after what he did with his book! I will for sure show you the book! Pictures don’t do it justice!

    1. Awww, I’m so glad to hear that! Maybe I’ll buy it for myself for Christmas. And what a TREASURE, Kenna! I’m still so jealous!

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