FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Finding Dory” On Me!

It’s possible that Finding Dory will be the biggest hit of the summer. If that’s the case, wouldn’t you rather see it early AND for free? Because that’s just what we’re gonna do! Click HERE to get free passes to see Finding Dory, then take a second to watch the trailer again. Don’t forget about the Dory After Dark Double Feature, too. You can watch Finding Nemo followed by Finding Dory Thursday June 16th. You’ll have to buy those tickets from the theater directly, so find the one nearest you by clicking HERE.


    1. Click the link to get your tickets JP! I don’t think you can get 4 this time tho. Will have to get your wife to get the rest.

    1. I’m so sorry Mary! Looks like they’re all gone. Keep checking back because I always have more free movie passes to give away.

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