Damon & Bale

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Ford v Ferrari” in Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio

Who’s in the mood for a badass race-car movie? Even better, who’d like to watch Matt Damon get punched in the face on the big-screen? You’ll get both in Ford v Ferrari, about a race-car designer and a driver who built a revolutionary car for the Ford Motor Company. It stars Christian Bale and the above-mentioned Matt Damon and looks a little like delicious Oscar-bait. It’s also from director James Mangold, who has delivered Oscar-bait before in the form of Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line and Logan (which YES was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay). Best of all, I have passes to FREE SCREENINGS all over Texas! Click HERE if you’d like to see Ford v Ferrari in Dallas or HERE to see it in Houston. Click HERE to see it in Austin or HERE to see it in San Antonio, and make sure you’re getting passes in the right city. Then take a minute to watch the trailer below and when you do, think back to Christian Bale as Dick Cheney in Vice last year. It’s FREAKY, right?!!

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