Vanessa Hudgens & Jennifer Lopez

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What the HELL is Jennifer Lopez doing? She’s older than me and she still manages to look like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Seriously…what is it, Jenny? I know that it’s probably some mega-pricey goop made of squid-livers and placentas but I don’t care. Just gimme. Jennifer Lopez also has a new movie coming out this Christmas called Second Act, and it looks adorable. I have passes to a handful of screenings too, happening all over Texas! If you’d like to see Second Act in Dallas on 12/5, click HERE or you could see it that same day in Houston, so click HERE for those. There are also screenings on 12/19 in Dallas (HERE), Austin (HERE), Houston (HERE), and San Antonio (HERE). Hell, I’ve even got passes to a Second Act screening in New Orleans, so find those HERE, then watch the trailer below. Oh, and Milo Ventimiglia (This Is Us) plays JLo’s husband in this movie and he’s about eight years younger than her in real life. It’s not quite the 15-20 year age-difference we usually see between Hollywood’s leading-men and their onscreen wives, but it’s a start!
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