FREE MOVIE PASSES: See Johnny Knoxville’s “Action Point” EARLY & FOR FREE

Does anyone else get worried when they see that Johnny Knoxville is still pulling Jackass-type stunts? Not that Action Point is a Jackass-type movie. No, Action Point has an actual story-line, where Knoxville has to save his beloved theme-park before it’s shut down by a neighboring corporate mega-park. It even has a script and only ONE Jackass co-star, Chris Pontius. But Johnny Knoxville is still performing all of his own stunts which, based on the trailer, must be painful as HELL. So, want to see Action Point EARLY and FOR FREE? Click HERE to grab your passes if so, then watch the trailer below. Man, Action Point looks funny but Knoxville will definitely need knee surgery after this one!
Action Point is rated R. It opens June 1st and you can buy tickets HERE.

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