I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared for this movie.

Just last weekend, I bawled my way through the Hold the Door episode of Game of Thrones, then caught up on Outlander and lost it AGAIN over Faith.

The swelling in my eyes has barely gone down and now I have to see Me Before You? Seriously? It’s about a girl who falls for a recently paralyzed man and everyone who’s read the best-selling book says that I should “Bring Kleenex.”


I have a plan though. I’m not going to bother with make-up when I go to see Me Before You, AND I’m going to wear my Bumble-Bee tights. See HUE is making black and yellow striped tights in honor of Me Before You and they are awesome. Look how cute these things are!

The Ladies of the Rowlett/Rockwall Book Club model HUE's Bumble Bee tights. See, you'd never even notice if they'd been crying their eyes out.
The Ladies of the Rowlett/Rockwall Book Club model HUE’s Bumble Bee tights. See, you’d never even notice if they’d been crying their eyes out.

I’m hoping that no one notices my swollen eyes and snotty nose because they’ll be too busy staring at my adorable tights. If you want a pair, you can find them by clicking HERE.

You have to get passes to SEE Me Before You first though. Snag those HERE, then watch the trailer below. Damn it! I’m already crying!

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