Office Christmas Party

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Don’t we ALL have a horrible Office Christmas Party in our past? I made out with my boss at one, years ago. And someone from the morning show, later that same night. But I’m not alone, am I? Many of us have an awful Office Christmas Party in our past, which is why I’m DYING to see the movie, Office Christmas Party.

This one stars T.J. Miller, who’s branch is about to be shut down by his sister (played by Jennifer Anniston). He plans a monumental office party, in hopes of wooing a client who might save their whole company. Yes, the story sounds thin but I laughed like hell at the trailer. I even rewound it multiple times to watch that guy fall on the file cabinet again and again! You haven’t seen it? Oh GOD! OK, just click HERE to get your free passes, then watch the trailer below. DAYUMMM, that’s gotta hurt!


  1. I was 19 th click for a “free” movie and the event was already full
    I think your events are full before you post! This has happened very often. Thought u be interested in knowing. Thanks for trying!

    1. I assure you that’s not the case. I check them repeatedly before they go up. Sometimes other websites will post links to mine, which is why some passes go faster than others. The “Office Christmas Party” post went up on 11/24. If you checked it 11/27, it had already been up for a few days. Follow my Facebook page ( and follow me on Twitter (@JulieHFisk) so you’ll always know exactly when I’m giving away free passes. Sorry you didn’t get those, though!

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