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The Prodigy stars Taylor Shilling (Orange is the New Black) as a mother whose son starts to turn creepy. Is he simply a gifted child who struggles to connect with other kids? Or are dark forces working through him? Can this mother save her child? Or should she focus on saving herself?
Movies about Creepy Kids are great, but they get even SCARIER after you’ve had kids. That’s when you realize that kids are freaking scary, even when they’re not trying to be. Sometimes they’ll say things that are unintentionally cryptic. Other times they’ll sneak up on you in the kitchen and stand completely still by the fridge until you shut the door (also the first time I screamed F*CK at my daughter).
Sometimes they’ll do or say things that make no sense at all, like a woman who wrote to me years ago. I was on a morning radio show in Dallas, Texas and people would often write to me about their problems. This one woman in particular had a 3-year-old who was obsessed with car wrecks. Her little boy would describe them in great detail, as if he’d witnessed a horrible one (which he hadn’t). He also cried when his mother left the house and insisted she was going to die in a car crash. I’d love to tell you that there was a happy ending and that he grew up to be a normal kid, but I never heard from her after that email. I even wrote her back, but she never responded and that has always worried me.
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        1. Definitely going. I sent an e-mail but didn’t hear anything back so I figured I should send a confirmation through your website too just in case.

  1. My sister once said she saw a kid on top of my mom’s drawer in our house when she was young… we were alone and that freaked me out a lot.

  2. Someone or something kept killing cats and leaving their dead bodies In a field. Not sure if they every figured out who or what it was but we avoided that field.

  3. Have you ever heard of the haunted train tracks in San Antonio? They’re haunted by children
    According to the legend, it was a rainy Texas morning as the train moved swiftly down the tracks when the engineer spied a school bus stalled along his path. Frantically pulling his break and tugging on the train whistle, the hulking engine quickly advanced toward the school bus, unable to stop in time. Ten children reportedly lost their lives that day and continue to haunt the area, protecting others from a similar fate.
    As the story goes, if you park your car directly over the tracks and shift into neutral, the ghosts of the children will push it uphill, out of the way of any oncoming train. And if you have the foresight to cover your bumper with baby powder or flour, you can reportedly see the children’s fingerprints upon your car.

  4. I wouldn’t call my daughter a creepy kid, but she used to sleepwalk and destroy my blinds. So, her actions were creepy lol.

  5. There was a 10 year old kid who lived down the block from us who had apparently watched all the Saw movies (Only the first one’s good… the rest are torture porn 🙃). ANYWAY I don’t know his living conditions so I would NEVER judge him or what was going on in his life, but he would stand outside houses on our street and scream that Jigsaw was coming which uh… Isn’t pleasant. It terrified my sister… Funnn stuff.

  6. I don’t really have a creepy kids story since I don’t have kids nor am I around them much. I will say I’m much more scared of creepy kids than creepy adults. Maybe that’s why my children are of the four-legged variety lol.

    1. I do think it’s creepy though that apparently my bedroom is six hours ahead of everybody else in Dallas. Is it showing up on your end as being posted at 4:43 am tomorrow morning?

  7. I’m an elementary school teacher and I have a student that used to look up at the ceiling and point. I asked what he was doing and he whispered its moving!! I looked up didn’t see anything, and asked what was moving? He slowly turned to me while still looking up at the ceiling and said shhhhh, he knows. 😮
    I didn’t know how to respond but the student continued to do that for about a month. I was scared

    1. Yeah, that would FREAK ME OUT! I hope he’s OK now! So, I’m out of passes but will hold on to your name in case one of the winners can’t come. Thank you!

  8. When I used to leave in Honduras we would see a lot of creepy stuff. My sister saw the headless horseman with my cousin and we went to a carnival and saw just a hand. We have seen so many ghost and believe that actually do exist.

  9. My creepy kid story is that when i was little i was like 4 years old and me and my mom lived in a haunted house where one day i was taking a shower and i saw a old lady smile sorta creepy and entered the bathroom and closed the door so thats the only story i remeber but like there wasnt any actual old lady it turns out it was a spirit that had lived there before.

    1. That’s one of the few times I’ve ever thought “THANK GOODNESS IT WAS JUST A GHOST!” Creepy old lady sneaking into your bathroom while you’re showering is scary enough!

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