Tom Holland

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “Spider-Man: Homecoming” EARLY & FOR FREE

If you aren’t excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s probably because you didn’t see his triumphant return in Captain America: Civil War. Yes, I also rolled my eyes at the thought of it, but my Spidey-apathy was abated when young Tom Holland donned that stretchy suit. Good Lord, that boy is adorable. If you missed it, click HERE to see a compilation of his Captain America: Civil War scenes. Or don’t. I mean, then you’ll just want to SEE Spider-Man:Homecoming and I simply don’t have enough free passes for EVERYONE. In fact, those of you who were already excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming should go ahead and click HERE to snag passes to see it EARLY and FOR FREE. Yeah, we’ll let all of those Spidey-haters just pay to see it!

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