My Spy

FREE MOVIE PASSES: See “My Spy” EARLY & FOR FREE All Over Texas! (& New Orleans)

Can I be honest? When I first saw the poster for My Spy, I rolled my eyes. I thought, “Oh great, they’re putting Drax in movies with kids now. Perfect.” Then I watched the trailer and got genuinely excited about this movie. Sure My Spy looks cute, but it has a dose of grit so it’s not “cutesy.” Plus, it’s got Kristen Schaal who is frankly brilliant in anything. Best of all, I have passes to see it EARLY and FOR FREE all over the map! Click HERE if you’d like to see My Spy in Dallas, HERE to see it in Austin, and HERE to see it in San Antonio. Click HERE if you’d like to see it in Houston or HERE to see it in New Orleans, then watch the My Spy trailer below. Also, make sure you have passes in the correct city because they are NOT transferable!
My Spy is rated PG-13 and opens nationwide March 13th.

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