What would you do if you met Chesley Sullenberger today?

Would you shake his hand? Buy him a drink? Maybe give him a big bear hug?

Did you know that the man who landed a disabled Airbus A320 on the Hudson River has been questioned about that decision? Did you also know that many flight simulations found the plane he was flying that day COULD have made it back to the airport safely? Is it possible that he actually risked the lives of the 155 people onboard when he landed in the water?

Do you still want to buy Sully that drink?

Sully stars Tom Hanks as Chesley Sullenberger and it’s directed by Clint Eastwood. It’s based on Sullenberger’s own memoir, The Highest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters, and here’s the deal…

I’ve already seen it.

Yes, I’ve already seen it and I’m DYING to tell you all about it but I’ve been asked by the studio not to. All I can do is tell you something you already know…

You REALLY want to see this movie.

And thanks to ME, you get to see it early and for free! Just click HERE for those passes, then watch the trailer below. You know what? I think I’d give Sully that big bear hug anyway.


  1. I would like free passes to see Sully. Hoping this reaches you.

    Victoria Willis
    207 Wilshire Drive
    Euless, Texas 76040

  2. I saw you on GMT, this morning, & I would love to have free tickets to see Sully & Bridget Jones’s Baby, if you have extras.
    Thank you,

    1. You have to get those through the link, but I’m afraid they’re all gone. Sorry! Please subscribe to the site so you’ll know whenever I have passes to give away.

  3. I was living in Philadelphia, PA at the time it happened but I didn’t understand what really happened at the time. I would love this free pass ticket to see the movie. Can you send me one? or two? Thanks.

    1. Sorry Oren but they’re all gone! Make sure you subscribe to my site so you’ll know whenever I have passes to give away. Sometimes they go really quickly!

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