I give away Free Movie Passes on this website all the time, but these are special. First of all, these passes are to see Tolkien, which studies young J.R.R. Tolkien’s youth and how it influenced his later work. It stars Nicholas Hoult as the author in the years leading to WWI, when he created Middle Earth. These passes are also different because it’s a special May 7th promotional screening of Tolkien, so your seats are reserved. You won’t have to wait in line for this one and you’ll also be treated to a live Q&A with the film’s stars, moderated by Tolkien super-fan, Stephen Colbert. I don’t have many passes though, so the first 5 people who respond in the comments will receive a pair. Once you’ve done that, take a minute to watch the Tolkien trailer and to consider that first date between he and Edith Bratt. If your date announced that he’d created his own language and written “stories and legends,” how quickly would you run out that door???
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