Billy Bob Thornton & Tony Cox


It’s Oscar Season, so I’ve spent most of my movie-time lately bawling through one picture after another. I don’t mind because they are all deeply moving and insightful films that will benefit the human race…but they don’t have to be. No, some movies are just there to be disgusting, shocking and unbelievably funny, like Bad Santa 2. It’s interesting because, out of ALL the exciting new films that are coming out, THIS is the one everyone has been asking me about. That’s why I’m especially glad to have to passes to see Bad Santa 2 EARLY and FOR FREE. Click HERE to grab those, then take a minute to watch the trailer with me. By the way, I posted the CLEAN version (if you can call it that), but feel free to check out one of the Red Band Bad Santa 2 trailers on your own. Just know that you’ll probably need a shower and possibly some counseling afterwards.

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