The Gentlemen

Free Screenings OF “The Gentlemen” ALL OVER TEXAS (& New Orleans)!!!

Off the top of your head, name the last Guy Ritchie movie to hit theaters? Think you know? It was actually the live-action version of Alladin, which surprised most of us by being really good. Ritchie is back in his familiar wheel-house though, with the British gangster-comedy The Gentlemen. Starring a cast of favorites, like Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell and Matthew McConaughey, it follows the sale of an English drug empire to a family of Oklahoma billionaires (which explains McConaughey’s involvement). Best of all, I have passes to see The Gentlemen in cities all over the state! Click HERE to see it in Dallas, HERE to see it in Austin and HERE to see it in Houston. Click HERE if you’d rather see it in San Antonio and HERE if you happen to be in New Orleans, then watch The Gentlemen trailer below. Please double-check that you got passes in the right city because these are not transferable!
The Gentlemen is rated R and opens nationwide January 24th.

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