Goofy-Looking-Hot-Actors Are Having A Moment: MY TOP 5

I’ve been told that I have strange taste in men. Not my husband of course, who is perfectly handsome and who tends to read my blogs when they could get me in trouble (Hi Honey!). Anyhow, whenever I say “Ooo, he’s cute,” everyone else usually makes a stinky-cheese face. But not lately. No, lately I’ve noticed that weird-looking-cute-dudes are all over TV and movie screens. I got a little carried away trying to list them all (because where does Norman Reedus place on the same list as Rami Malek?) so I cut it down to my Top 5 Goofy-Looking-Hot-Actors. (It’s also just an excuse to find pictures of my favorite famous dudes.)

Bill Hader gets an honorable mention because he reminds me of my husband. A friend of mine saw Trainwreck and said, “Bill Hader was totally Dave in that movie.” My husband didn’t know how to feel about that, because Bill Hader isn’t exactly known as a good-looking dude. I said, “Oh, it’s only because he’s so sweet in that movie.” Then I saw Trainwreck and thought DAMN, BILL HADER LOOKS LIKE MY HUSBAND! I suddenly found him wildly attractive and really appreciated the sex-scenes between he and Amy Schumer.

5. benedict-in-screen-magazine-04-2013-benedict-cumberbatch-33870098-1280-15491
Benedict Cumberbatch is such a given, I almost didn’t put him on this list. We all know that he isn’t traditionally handsome, but he still manages to be so dashing that no one notices. I was about to put someone unexpected like Jemaine Clement or Will Forte at #5, but then I saw Cumberbatch playing All in Zoolander 2. Sorry, but you can’t beat a guy who has a sense of humor about himself.

4. dg-highres1
You might not realize it, but Domhnall Gleeson was in every movie you saw last year. Yep, Ex Machina, Brooklyn, he was even the evil General Hux in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Gleeson didn’t really do it for me until he played the kind Captain Henry in The Revenant, though. He was such a good guy, and so pissed that they left Hugh Glass in the wilderness. Or maybe I just have a thing for bearded gingers.

3. benicio-del-toro-premiere-guardians-of-the-galaxy-05
Benicio Del Toro was a slow burn for me. I knew there was something about that guy I liked, but he always played such creepy characters. Then I heard a story about he and Scarlett Johansson allegedly having a quickie in the Chateau Marmont elevator. After that, I was hooked. Benicio Del Toro looked so good in Sicario this past year though, that he was almost put on my Actors Who Look Surprisingly Like Brad Pitt list instead.

2. sam-riley
Sam Riley was actually the inspiration for this list. I watched him in Pride, Prejudice and Zombies the other night, then came straight home and cyber-stalked him. It’s funny because at first, I thought, “Ew, that guy’s weird looking.” By the end of the movie though, my thoughts sounded more like, “Ooooo, why am I digging this guy so hard?” The first thing I found out about Riley is that I also loved him in Maleficent, where he played Diavol the Crow. He was oddly sexy in that one, too.

1. adam-driver-quiver-04jun14-01
I initially hated Adam Driver on Girls. He was weird, he treated Hannah like crap and I assumed his apartment smelled like feet. Driver evolved with the series though and before long, instead of weird and smelly he seemed sensitive and sexy. I’m not sure how much of this has to do with the fact that he grew his hair out, but probably more than I should admit. All I know is that by the time he took off his helmet in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he was beautiful. Still in a weird way of course (and in a way that looked nothing like the offspring of you-know-who), but beautiful nonetheless. That’s why Adam Driver is #1 on this list. I know I’m not alone in my appreciation because I’ve had breathy debates with girlfriends about what makes him so steamy. I also wonder what Lena Dunham saw in him that make her think, “THIS GUY needs to be Hannah’s boyfriend.” If I’d been Judd Apatow, I would’ve tried to talk her out of it. And I would’ve been wrong.

I know I’ve missed loads of strangely awesome dudes, so please share your favorites in the “Comments” section. I’m still hoping that someone else out there appreciates Will Forte the way I do. Now, excuse me while I go plan an apology meal for my husband. I’m sure he won’t be a big fan of my Sam Riley comments.


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