Introducing the “Haunted AF” Podcast: Do You Like Scary Stories?

If you know me personally, you know that I love a good ghost story. I love hearing them and telling them and once I get started, you can forget about getting anything else done for the day. This is why I started the Haunted AF podcast with my friend Rebekah Black, who is also more than a little obsessed with scary stories. We won’t be creeping into haunted houses or ghost hunting on our own (not yet at least), but each episode features stories from people who’ve experienced something they simply can’t explain. We started in March with three episodes, and have been adding more weekly. You can find the Haunted AF podcast on iTunes and Spotify (please subscribe and give us a quick review!) but I thought I’d share them right here as well, to get you started (make sure you start at Episode 1). Hope you enjoy it and please let us know if you have a scary story of your own at hauntedafpodcast@gmail.com!


  1. Hi Julie and Rebekah,

    I work at The Sears Automotive in Greensburg, Pa. I would love to tell you and your listeners about our ghost Penny who haunts our building. She died during the construction of the building back in the 70’s.

    I have always been sensitive to spirits my whole life and can feel their presence. I can’t see them, but feel them. I started working here 4 years ago as the Automotive Manager. Since starting here I could feel something in the air. I felt someone died here.

    Late at night there would be thumping sounds above the sales counter coming from the tire warehouse above. When I was in my office at my desk when everyone was gone and all the lights were off a knocking sound on the other side of the wall in the shop would occur. I would go out and no one or nothing would be out there.

    Then while talking to one of my other employees, He mentioned when he was here late at night he heard the noises above the sales counter from the tire room. That just reinforced my feeling that someone had died here. I had to find out.

    Justin, a long time employee, just happened to walk by my office door, and I called him in. I asked him straight if he heard if anyone died here. Without a hesitation he says oh yea, Penny was killed during the construction. She fell from one of the beams. He went on to say that over the years many people have seen her.

    I hope I can join your podcast to tell you of this tale and others I have from years past.



    1. We try to keep it PG, but there is the occasional “ass” or “damn.” You might run into a few minor sexual references but nothing explicit. I would let me 11-year-old listen to it, but I’m that mom. I think ANYONE who likes a good ghost story would like Haunted AF, including 12-year-olds. Here’s our latest podcast. Maybe listen yourself first & decide, and THANK YOU!!!

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