Mommy-Movie-Review: Is “Logan” OK for Kids?

Logan stars Hugh Jackman, in his final turn as the iconic X-Man, Wolverine. This time around, he’s caring for an ailing Professor X and struggling with his own deteriorating body, when he meets a young mutant in need of help. What follows is a surprisingly bleak but truly fantastic movie. I gave Logan an A+ after seeing it and it now ties with Deadpool as my favorite superhero movie EVER. Logan shares other similarities with Deadpool, like a foul-mouth, a penchant for blood-baths and that R-rating we love so much. Does that mean your kids, who are no-doubt begging to see it, should stay away from Logan?

There is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE between Logan and Deadpool that might help you make that decision: NO SEX.

Many parents don’t mind violence or profanity, but will still shy away from onscreen nudity or sexuality. I’m not judging because I’m one of them. This is why I’m STRUGGLING with the decision to take my daughter, who has requested to see Logan for her 13th birthday. Emma has no issue with violence and probably loves swear words when I’m not around, but she’ll run from the room at the hint of a love-scene. Logan has no sex and none of the sex-related profanity we loved so much in Deadpool (“You look like Freddy Kruger face-f**ked a topographical map of Utah.” HA!). Wolverine, and Professor X believe it or not, stick with the straight forward bad-words kids probably hear from Mom when she spills her wine.

The ONE THING that makes me NOT want to take Emma is the violence. Logan gives Wolverine the chance to really get creative with his claws. See this:


Well, that’s just the start. This level of violence might not be a big deal for some kids, who’ve seen worse on The Walking Dead. Furthermore, the violence and profanity in Logan is, in my opinion, overshadowed by an excellent story about family and redemption. Kids especially will be drawn to the new batch of mutants and the relationship that develops between Logan and his young friend, Laura. This is why I’m afraid you’re going to have to make this decision on your own. I think that Logan would be fine for kids who can handle extreme violence and profanity, IF their parents are comfortable with them seeing it.

So, will I take my daughter for her birthday? I still don’t know. My plan is to take her Dad to see Logan first and we can make that decision together. It’s probably the safest call since he still hasn’t forgiven me for letting her watch The Witch!
(Logan is rated-R and opens March 3rd. Click HERE to buy tickets.)
Here’s a look at the Red Band trailer for Logan, to give you a better idea.


  1. My oldest sat thru all three Lord of Rings so that’s my blood bar. His favorite quote when we serve dinner? “Meat is back on the menu boys!”

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