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MOMMY-MOVIE-REVIEW: Is “Suicide Squad” OK for Kids?

A handful of people have asked recently if I thought Suicide Squad was appropriate for kids or if I was planning to take my own.

Honestly, I’m still struggling with that question.

The latest from DC Comics certainly isn’t stellar filmmaking and I only gave it a C, which was pretty generous in my opinion. It’s a fun idea though, of using bad guys to fight the even worse guys and the Suicide Squad themselves have cool stories of their own to tell.

It’s rated PG-13 and filled with profanity but it’s nothing my kids haven’t heard before. Violence is glorified and there are far too many slow-motion shots of heroes dodging bullets, but again, my girls are use to that.

So what’s my problem? Why not take my daughters, when the 12-year-old specifically won’t stop asking about it?

I think the biggest problem I have with Suicide Squad would be its breakout star, Margot Robbie, and her character Harley Quinn.

According to this movie, Harley was once a talented therapist who worked with a young, tormented Joker. She thought she was curing him and fell desperately in love, but he was only using her to escape the mental institution. The Joker paid Dr. Quinn back for years of treatment with powerful shock therapy, which left her also completely insane. Now Harley Quinn will do anything to help and is dangerously committed to the Joker.

It’s a great story and Margot Robbie does an excellent job as Harley. She’s at once wildly sexy and ready to kill anyone, but still funny and a bit relatable. I loved watching her vamp across the screen and snarl at her adversaries, but she’s the reason I’m not comfortable with showing Suicide Squad to my kids.

Harley Quinn is an exhibitionist who uses her sexuality to get her way. She teases and taunts, then shoots up the room for buying her act. She has a filthy mouth and calls the other members of the Squad “p*ssies” when they fall short of her expectations. She is, in short, DELICIOUS and makes being bad look so good, which is why I feel it would be dangerous to introduce her to my 8 & 12-year-olds. I know if I had been introduced to Harley Quinn at that age, I would’ve wanted to be just like her. Hell, even now I’m tempted to dye my hair pink and blue and slip into those super-short shorts (which would be more damaging to my girls than anything in this movie).

Despite my OWN desire to be like Harley Quinn, she goes against everything I’m teaching my girls, like:
-Brains over Beauty
-Kindness Always Wins
and most importantly
-If a man (or boy) ever asks you to do something dangerous or disrespectful, he’s not worth having in your life.

In spite of her bluster, Harley Quinn repeatedly risks her life for the Joker which any Mom will tell you is a HUGE mistake.

So sorry Harley. I personally adored you but you are the reason I’ve deemed Suicide Squad NOT KID FRIENDLY.
Well, at least, not for my kids.


  1. I am disappointed in the fact that my son is going to see this with his older brother. I guess more disappointed in the fact that my husband said okay to it. I watched the previews and I saw how Harley Quinn talked and dressed and knew that my son could not watch this. He struggles with not saying bad words as is. I am beyond upset about this. Period

    1. Man it’s frustrating when parents have different ideas about parenting! I totally get where you’re coming from on this. Think of it as a teaching opportunity, though. I’ve had plenty of friends who took their kids to see Suicide Squad after reading my review, and used it to prepare their kids. Your son won’t be scarred by Harley. In fact, he’ll probably really dig her AND appreciate her strengths. I guess we should be grateful that there are any female members of the Suicide Squad at all! And as far as the potty-mouth goes, try charging him a dollar for every dirty word you hear come out of his mouth. That, or you get his device for one full-day any time he swears. I find that my kids only hear my threats when they come attached to their currency!

  2. I think it was a great movie yes Harley Quinn can be rude to the squad but everyone in the squad is rude there bad guys they are going to be mean sometimes.

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